Hitman: Absolution - Trophy List [PS3]

Hitman: Absolution - Trophy List [PS3]


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Hitman: Absolution

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



Exceptional sniper
47 headshots with a sniper rifle
A little taste
Complete 10 challenges
Thumb up
Appreciate a contract
Damage control
Recover a situation that has gone wrong
Fixed for life
Earn a million dollars from contracts
There is always room for improvement
Purchase an upgrade
First contract
Complete the Creating Contracts tutorial
Dirty money
Complete the Contract Basics tutorial
Pure potential
Unlock a technique
Criminal association
Play a contract created by a friend
Competitive spirit
Create a competition in Contracts
Enter a competition in Contracts
Disappeared in the shadows
Escape an enemy's attention
Silent killer
Get the Silent Assassin rating
Go through the entire area unnoticed by one level
Carry out a murder that looks like an accident for the first time
One of the boys
Camouflaged successfully
Firm wrist
Make a quick shot with at least three kills
Better to move it
Hide a body
Black man
Neutralize a person
On the right track
Complete 50 challenges
Complete Hitman: Absolution as a Pro
A true expert
Get all special ratings
It's all about the wrist
Get a kill with a thrown weapon
Information is power
Collect all the evidence
Great master
Complete 100 challenges
Collect all trophies


Hitman's Secret Trophies: Absolution


Kill Diana Burnwood
Assassin of the king
Kill the King of Chinatown
The room of secrets
Find room 899
give me a lift
Get on the train in the station
Kill Wade's men
Can that barks does not bite
Kill Wade
The bartender always knows everything
Talk to the bartender
Favorite weapons
Get the silverballers
How to steal candy
Neutralize Lenny
It's not worth it
Leave Lenny in the desert
Toward the light
Get out of the mines
A hard blow
Kill the heads of the facility
Faith can move mountains
Kill Sanchez with your bare hands
Eliminate the Saints
Enter the prison
Get to the church
Like New
Get dress and gloves
Death makes you beautiful
Kill Layla
Uccidii Blake Dexter
Secret trophy
Continue the game to unlock this secret trophy

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