How to complete Survival mode

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Survival + Bonus Wave Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]

How to complete Survival mode


Come to me, I purge you all!

How to complete Survival mode

In this new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare guide, we provide some tips for completing the game's EXO Survival mode, including the bonus wave. As explained in the guide to unlock the Zombie mode, the bonus wave is played only after passing 10 waves on the last map of this mode, that is the map of "Riot", the only one that is in Tier 4.

Getting there will not be easy, here are some tips:

  • Co-op is better than Solo: someone could even do it alone, but it would still be a very difficult undertaking. Better to play together with other players online.
  • Stay together: especially if you play with people you don't know, always remember to stick together. Running with your head down against the piles of enemies damages you but also the other members of the party, when you are dead you are of no use to anyone.
  • Resurrect your comrades: you will die, more than once, but there will always be the possibility of being resurrected and resurrecting your companions. This is why it is very important to stay close.
  • Collect supplies: they will fall regularly, take advantage of them because they often offer considerable advantages.
  • Upgrade the EXO: I recommend focusing first on the efficiency of the weapons and then on the armor. When these are at their maximum, move on to the other upgrades.
  • Invisibility: this is the only skill worth buying right away. It will be essential to save yourself when you are left with little energy or to resurrect fallen friends.
  • Complete the objectives: this is crucial. They are important to earn the valuable points for the upgrades, ignoring them will surely have a weaker team. Not only that, failing in objectives you will suffer a random penalty such as the throwing of smoke grenades by enemies, the loss of the primary weapon and others. Again, at the end of the round you won't have time for upgrades / supplies. This does not mean that you must immediately rush towards the objectives, but you can always clear the field a little and still have the time to complete them safely.

Keeping these simple tricks in mind, you should be able to complete all the required rounds to get to unlock the Riot map in Survival and progress through its 10 waves (if you want, without facing the hundreds of waves required to get to Riot, you can participate in a game of a friend who has already unlocked it). Overcome these you too will arrive at the bonus wave, the one with the zombies.

How to complete the bonus wave

At the start of this particular wave you will lose all your weapons and upgrades. You will then have to rush to collect the weapons left on the ground, the best choice is probably the laser that does not require recharging, located near the upgrade station. The worst are the Shotgun and the machine gun because in the long reload times they will expose you too much to enemy attacks.

Here is a video showing how to complete the bonus wave. Remember to consult the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game.

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