How to find the Formula 1 car in Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3: where to find the "Mugello Farina Duo" F1 car [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


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How to find the Formula 1 car in Just Cause 3

You have probably already seen it from some videos, in the new Just Cause 3 it is possible to find and drive the "Mugello Farina Duo", a real F1-style car that will give an extra gear to your raids.

There are several places where the car is located, apparently all located in the Baia region, close to fast travel point of the Salrosa Sprint challenge. When you appear at this fast travel point, follow the small dirt road that leads to the main road. Once out on the main road you should see a truck with a damaged trailer, look at the images to better understand the position:

As you can see the car is right on the trailer of that truck. If you somehow end up losing or destroying the machine, you should always find it in the same spot. If it does not appear, try reloading the checkpoint from the Salrosa Sprint point and repeat. Alternatively, since this is not the only place the car is, search the blue road on the map above where there are other car respawn points. To see them also watch this video:

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