How to join the Volkihar Vampire Guild in Dawnguard

    Skyrim Dawnguard - How to join the Vampire Guild

    How to join the Volkihar Vampire Guild in Dawnguard


    For the Skyrim Dawnguard DLC we have already seen how to join the Dawnguard guild. In addition to this, in the first expansion for Bethesda's RPG there is another new guild, the Vampire guild.

    How to join the Volkihar Vampire Guild in Dawnguard

    To enter the Vampire Guild you must first join the Dawnguard faction (see guide linked at the beginning of the guide) and then betray them by accepting the indecent proposal of the nefarious, fatal and so on and so forth, Lord Harkon. He will offer to give you immense power by letting you join the ranks of vampires, obviously at the cost of your own humanity.

    So, once you enter the Dawnguards proceed as follows:

    • At some point you will start the "Bloodlines" quest, after completing the "Awakenings" quest. You will be sent to rescue Serana, the daughter of Lord Harkon. Once rescued, the girl will take you to the secret vampire lair, called Volkihar Castle, using an entrance near High Rock.
    • Here you will meet Serana's father, Lord Harkon. Harkon will offer you to betray the Dawnguards and transform yourself into a Volkihar vampire. You choose to do this, but from this point on there are several options that can occur depending on your situation.
    • If you are already a regular Skyrim vampire, you cannot become a Volkihar vampire. If so, you will need to be treated before you can proceed. To cure yourself of vampirism in Dawnguard, complete a quest that begins by talking to a city guard.
    • If, on the other hand, you are a werewolf, the Volkihar vampires will offer you the cure to get you into their group. But remember that even if you become Volkihar vampires, you can give up vampirism and become a werewolf again.

    Characteristics, powers and abilities of the Volkihar Vampires
    Volkihar vampires are not damaged by the sun, only weakened. Plus, their Vampire Lord form can be turned on and off at will. With this new form of vampirism you will still need to stay hidden in normal society, and you will have to feed on blood from sleeping NPCs. To do this, sneak up on any sleeping character then try to pickpocket him and you will see that instead of stealing you will be given the opportunity to drink his blood. You will also have the ability to summon Gargoyles, fly and transform into a flock of bats.


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