How to move quickly on the map

GTA 5: How to Fast Travel the Entire Map [360-PS3]


At first glance it may seem that this is a big gap in Grand Theft Auto V, also because in the initial tutorial there is no clear reference to the "fast travel" feature of GTA 5. But in reality this does exist.

How to move quickly on the map

The ability to move anywhere on the map without having to travel all the way is there and is constantly under your eyes: he Taxi. To use "fast travel" in GTA 5 and avoid wasting time moving around the game's large map, proceed in this way.

Stop a taxi and sit in the back seat (DO NOT steal it). If you can't find one nearby, you can always call one using your mobile. As soon as you get into the taxi the driver will ask you where you want to go. From the taximeter you can select one of the available locations, choosing from the various points of interest marked on the map at that time, or, you can choose a specific destination yourself. To do this, open the map and set a navigation point at the place you want to go. Returning to the game you will see that among the available destinations, the item "Waypoint" has also appeared, which is precisely the point you have just marked on the map.

After choosing the destination you can decide to make the whole trip by taxi, or to press your PS3 the on 360 to jump and find yourself immediately in the desired place.

The race will obviously have a cost that depends on the distance traveled, but in return you will have saved a lot of time.

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