How to save penalties in FIFA 15

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FIFA 15: guide to save penalties [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Here is a practical tutorial to understand how to save penalties.

How to save penalties in FIFA 15

In the video you find at the bottom of the guide the commands to use in FIFA 15 to save penalties with your goalkeeper. As you can see, the options are 5: the dive to the right or left at the bottom, all the way to the right / left at the top and finally to stay still in the center.

In a previous guide we also saw which buttons to press to make the goalkeeper perform those strange disturbing movements before the penalty is kicked.

Also this year different theories begin to emerge on the basis of which it would be possible to save any penalty. In the following video you can see the one according to which it is possible to guess the direction in which the penalty will be kicked by looking at the movements of the fans in the background of the goal. According to what the guy who created the video says, in fact, the audience would make movements to the right or left according to the direction in which the opponent is aiming before shooting.

Will it really be like this? Take a look at it, but don't hope too much ...

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