How to see the position of the statues on the map

Sleeping Dogs - Where to find all the Jade statues


Among the various collectibles to be collected in Sleeping Dogs (already covered in other guides that you can reach from the cheats tab of the game) there are also the statue Jade.

These statues are 11 in total and even if collecting them all will not unlock any achievement / trophy, finding them is equally important since only by collecting these statues is possible. unlock the most powerful attacks and combos in the game. First of all it is good to start the search for the 11 lost statues. In the mission where you show Hong Kong to Amanda, after Sifu Kwok's Kung Fu class, he will tell you about his lost collection of statues, then asking you to find them. This is where the research begins.

How to see the position of the statues on the map

As with other collectibles, there is also a way for the Jade statues to show their position on the game map. In the early stages of the adventure, in the mission "Club Bam Bam" you will get Tiffany's phone number. Call the girl and, as requested, sing a song at Karaoke. If you manage to get a score equal to or greater than 90%, the reward for it will be the display of the statues on the map.

In the video below you can see where all the statues are and also how to complete Tiffany's mission to get the view on the map.

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