How to unlock Scarlett's Sexy Witch costume

    Killer is Dead: Costumes Guide and Other Unlockables [360-PS3]

    How to unlock Scarlett's Sexy Witch costume


    In Killer is Dead it is possible to unlock various bonuses and prizes by completing particular activities during the game.

    In this guide we see what the Killer is Dead unlockable extras and costumes and what needs to be done to get them. For other guides on this game do not forget to consult the Killer is Dead cheats and guides tab.

    We have 4 different costumes to unlock to get the Trophy / Achievement "Women's Collection of Mondo" - Collected all Heroine Costumes. The costumes are:

    • Costume Mika - Outer Space (alieno):
    • Natalia costume - Glamorous Fantasy (sportswear): Get AAA rating in "Damsel in Distress"
    • Scarlett costume - Scarlett the Witch (sexy witch): see details below
    • Costume Koharu - Night Walker (geisha): Get AAA rating on "Time Cursed"

    To unlock these costumes, but also other gifts and especially pieces of underwear (bra and various, opp opp opp !!!) you will have to complete the "Bonus Objectives" of the various side missions, because by reaching these objectives you can get the AAA rating in the same missions and then unlock costumes. Here is the list of these bonus achievements:

    Aim Cut Payment: perform over 15 Adrenaline Bursts.

    Alice Bug Payment: take no damage from bugs.

    Beam Payment: avoid all of Dolly's laser attacks.

    Beast Payment: don't get hit by big spiky enemy.

    Bend and Stretch Payment: Squat at least 20 times.

    Blood Payment: absorb at least 100.000 100,000 fl. oz. of blood.

    Destruction Payment: defeat all enemies.

    Exhumation Payment: find all vintage wines.

    Gentleman’s Payment: not suffer damage.

    Ghost Payment: complete the stage without defeating any enemies.

    Guard Break Payment: perform at least 30 Guard Breaks.

    Head Shot Payment: perform at least 15 Head Shots.

    Just Guard Payment: perform at least 15 Just Guards.

    Obliteration Payment: use the sub weapon less than 50 times.

    Overheat Payment: complete the stage without ever overheating the turret.

    Rescue payment: avoid all the Tokyo bullets.

    Revenge Payment: it just attacks David.

    Scarlett Payment: find Scarlett 3 times.

    Shadow Demolition Payment: kill at least 15 female shadows.

    Stun Allowance Payment: don't get stunned by the Skyplane plasma beam.

    Toughness Payment: complete the internship without dying.

    Once the costumes are unlocked, you can buy them in the shop for a total of $ 87.000.000 (Mika's 12.000.000 and the other 25.000.000 3 each)

    How to unlock Scarlett's Sexy Witch costume

    The process for unlocking this costume is a little more complex. To get the costume you will need to complete Scarlett's challenge. To do this you will need at least 1000 "Guts". The Guts are obtained by completing the various challenges, and the challenges are unlocked by finding the images of Scarlett scattered throughout the various levels (follow the guide to collectibles to find them)

    Clear then? Find the collectible Scarlett that unlocks challenges. Complete the challenges to get Guts. When you have 1000 Guts, complete Scarlett's challenge to get the Sexy costume. Watch the video

    How to unlock the Ulti-World costume

    This costume becomes available for purchase in the shop after completing the game for the first time. Its cost is $ 10.000.000. This costume improves the stats during the mission, making the task of getting the AAA rating a little easier.

    How to Unlock the "Cat's Eye" Glasses

    Thanks to these mysterious glasses, in Gigolo mode you will be able to see through anything (through the clothes of the girls in the game, FOR EXAMPLE). Follow the guide to unlock the X-ray Glasses.

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