How to unlock the Extra "Déjà-vu" mission

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes: "Déjà-vu" Extra Rank S Mission Solution [PS4-PS3]


Here is the extra unlockable mission of Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes intended for Playstation users.

How to unlock the Extra "Déjà-vu" mission

In addition to the main mission and the 4 side missions, MGS Ground Zeroes also includes one extra mission call, on PS4 and PS3, Deja Vu. To unlock this mission and make it playable we will have to find all the collectible badges scattered throughout the game levels (follow the guide to XOF badges for more help).

Complete the Dèjà-vù Extra Mission with all scenes
The scenes to be recreated in the mission are 7 in total. These correspond to as many objects with which you will have to interact to see flashbacks on the first Metal Gear for PS1. Be careful not to destroy these objects, otherwise you will not be able to recreate the related scene. By recreating all the scenes you will unlock the trophy "I remember". Here is a video showing how to do it.

Complete the Extra Dèjà-vu Mission with S rating
If you are interested in getting the S rating in this mission then you will have to limit yourself to completing only 3-4 scenes and then finishing the mission as soon as possible. Deactivate the Reflex mode in the settings (it earns you more points), try not to be discovered, do not kill the enemies but just stun them if necessary, do it as quickly as possible and avoid reloading the checkpoints as much as possible. The difficulty you play doesn't matter, so I recommend playing Normal.

Here is a video showing how to have the S Rank in this mission

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