Important side missions in Mass Effect 3: where to find them, what rewards and weapons they unlock

Mass Effect 3 - Guide to Side Missions You Shouldn't Skip [360-PS3-PC]

In the galaxy of Mass Effect 3 there is so much to do and certainly no one wants to miss a single moment of the action proposed by the game. Beyond the missions related to the main story, however, many may consider the side quests as a waste of time. If you think so, keep reading because below I propose the the game's most important side missions that you should absolutely complete both for the consequences they can have on the plot and for the unlockable items and weapons in these missions that you would otherwise miss.

Before starting I remind you that the guide explaining how to unlock all weapons

Important side missions in Mass Effect 3:
where to find them, what rewards and weapons they unlock

Grissom Academy: Investigation

  • How to find the mission: Complete Priority: Palaven, then talk to Traynor in the Normandy.
  • Unlocked items: Serrice Council Chestplate, Mnemonic Visor, SMG Heatsink, SMG Ammo Upgrade, M-96 Mattock (Assault Rifle), M-22 Eviscerator (Rifle), Biotic Amp (Diagrams), Assault Rifle Slider, Rifle Scope accuracy for the assault rifle

Tuchanka: Bomb

  • How to find the mission: Complete Tuchanka: Turian Platoon and you will be notified of the bomb during the mission briefing.
  • Unlocked items: Turret Control (schematics), SMG heatsink, Sniper Rifle Concentration Module, Pistol Scope, Sword Mount, Pistol Melee Stunner, Rosenkov Materials (gloves), M-29 Incisor (sniper rifle)

Lesuss: Ardat-Yaksha Monastery

  • How to find the mission: After completing Priority: Perseus Veil you will be contacted by the Asari after Priority: Citadel 2.
  • Unlocked items: ammo saver for sniper rifle, PDA, Pistol Melee Stunner, Serrice Council shoulder guards, Disciple (rifle), Gallae's Electronic Signature, stabilizer for assault rifle, precision sight for assault rifle

Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists

  • How to find the mission: after the mission Priority: Citadel 2 but before completing Priority: Perseus Veil. You will also receive this mission by message.
  • Unlocked items: Turian Toxin Data, Sniper Rifle Piercing mod, High Caliber Shotgun, Rifle Ammo Saving Module, M-6 Carnifex (Pistol), Kassa Fabrication Greaves, Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade

Important side missions in Mass Effect 3:
consequences for the plot


Grissom Academy: Investigation
He decides if Jack joins the battle. It decides whether students will fight on the front lines or stay supportive. Successfully completing Kahlee Sanders will join the battle.

Tuchanka pump
Disarming the bomb will prevent the Krogan resources from losing points in the continuation of the Campaign. By completing the mission you will save EVE.

Lesus: Ardat-Yaksha Monastery
If you have imported the save you will be able to save Samara. With her rescued, the Asari and Samara Commandos will support you in battle.

Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists
By saving the scientists you will get help building the Crucible. Jack will join as a war asset.

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