Infamous 2 - Explosion Shards Guide [Unlock "Just Another One"]

Infamous 2 - Explosion Shards Guide [Unlock "Just Another One"]

We unlock the trophy Just one more


Fragments of the explosion are scattered over both islands of Infamous 2 and are 305 in total.

By collecting all the fragments you can unlock two trophies:

  • Stubborn Collected 50% of the explosion fragments scattered around New Marais.
  • Just one more Collected all the fragments of the explosion scattered around New Marais


Before moving on to the map that indicates the position of all the fragments, the following indications will be useful:

While some fragments are simply scattered around the play area, others are carried by people who are indicated on the mini map with the red diamond symbol. To get the latter you can:

Kill the person carrying them (you will get Negative Karma)
Use via the key Pulse Heal option or Arc Restrain (you will get Positive Karma)

The Blast Shard Sense, which will direct you to the fragment closest to you. To unlock the Blast Shard Sense you will need 2500 XP and 60 side missions completed.

When you get to 298 fragments collected you will be notified by a message that warns you that there are only 7 left to collect.

Here is the map with the location of all the fragments of the explosion. (click on the image to enlarge it)

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