King of Eden - Review of the new manga by the great Takashi Nagasaki

King of Eden - Review of the new manga by the great Takashi Nagasaki

Takashi Nagasaki, one of the most acclaimed Japanese screenwriters and author of masterpieces such as "Monster","20th Century Boys","Master Keaton","Pluto"And"Billy Bat", Is ready to amaze with its brand new"King of Eden“, An exciting spy-story characterized by strong horror colors, divided into six volumes and which will keep the reader glued to the pages in an unmissable story; all, beautifully illustrated by Ignito. The first issue of King of Eden is available in all comics and newsstands.

Whole villages in Thailand, Spain and Scotland were burned down by massive fires. The strange thing, however, is that the charred corpses found after the fire show evident bite marks and have undergone such deformations that they no longer even seem human. The young Korean archaeologist Teze Yoo it would seem to be the only real suspect since he is often seen in the various areas after the fires intent on studying the bodies of the unfortunate. For the international secret services, on the other hand, the young archaeologist would be the culprit of the release of a very dangerous virus, coveted by every terrorist cell in the world. The doctor Itsuki, also an archaeologist and former schoolmate of Teze, she is recruited by the secret services to track down the latter who seems to have disappeared into thin air. From here begins a real manhunt that will bring dark truths to light. The drawings of this work have been entrusted to Lee Sang-cheol in art "Ignito”South Korean illustrator among the most popular due to his strong and realistic trait.King of Eden - Review of the new manga by the great Takashi Nagasaki

The "Character" of King of Eden

From the very first lines, there is a great difference in style between this volume and the more classic manga: the story, full of tension and continuous twists, is enriched by an excellent storytelling and tends to totally deviate from the classic style to show itself in a version that winks at the western one. King of Eden may on the surface seem like a zombie story like many others, or a story linked to survival in full style "I am a hero"Or"Royal Battle“Instead this manga it has much deeper roots ranging from the historical to the religious framework, giving the work a thickness that is certainly different from what has been seen up to now. This new story flawlessly mixes the Horror elements with the Noir ones, thanks to the dialogues and sequences it is very close to works such as "Dylan Dog”By Tiziano Sclavi.King of Eden - Review of the new manga by the great Takashi Nagasaki

If horror is your genre, this work will not disappoint you at all. A virus very similar to anger that has the ability to transform human beings who have come into contact with it into a sort of "werewolf"? We can therefore say that after reading the plot, I challenge anyone not to get curious and to take an interest in this manga. This first volume is an introduction to the world in which this incredible story takes place, without neglecting any detail, with an ending that will make us even more want to run to the comic store to take the second volume out. I loved this first issue of the series: bloodbaths, twists and genetic mutations not only are the daily bread of lovers of the genre, but they also gave this manga a different dimension, and above all it has the ability to keep us glued to its pages with constant thoughts on how this first issue will continue. The drawings, very precise and with a strong impact, are undoubtedly the added value of this story e they represent in an impeccable way the violence and the raw and bloody sequences of this work. Needless to say, if you are not a fan of horror and the sight of blood bothers you, this manga is definitely not for you.

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