Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning - Trophies and Achievements Guide [360-PS3]

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning - Trophies and Achievements Guide [360-PS3]

Here is the complete solution to unlock all achievements and trophies of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. In this guide, the tips from to unlock all achievements and reach Platinum on Playstation 3 or 1000 G on Xbox 360.

House of Ballads
Complete the storyline missions of the House of Ballads.
As per description. Complete this set of missions to get the result.
House of Afflictions
Complete the House of Afflictions storyline missions.
As per description. Complete this set of missions to get the result.
Scholia Arcana
Complete the story missions of the Scholia Arcana.
As per description. Complete this set of missions to get the result.
Complete the itinerant storyline missions.
As per description. Complete this set of missions to get the result.
Child of war
Complete the Sons of War story missions.
As per description. Complete this set of missions to get the result.
Sacred fury
Kill 5 enemies with a single Chanter.
The Fate Shifter ability is obtained as soon as Fateweaver is encountered on the way to Gorhart.
As soon as you leave the area / tutorial, kill the enemies, but before hitting them, charge the purple bar, then you can start the attack.
Get to 5 to get the trophy / achievement.
Destroyer of niskaru
Uccidi 25 niskaru.
This result is achieved throughout history.
During the mission "Erathell's Blessing" (secondary mission in Ayten), you should find the Niskaru, defeat 25 of them to get the result.
Out of reach
Kill an enemy that is 4 levels higher than you.
The level of the enemies can be seen above their heads via the colored plates.
Yellow is your level, orange is two levels above you, and red is four.
Venture to little-known areas such as southeast of Haxhi or east of Apotyre.
In the latter you will find a mining site, in the basement there should be skeletons that are right for you.
Let's clean up the streets
Kill 50 bandits.
This result is one of the simplest as this type of enemy is very common to find.
You will certainly unlock it in the course of the game.
War blades
Acquire 10 Unique weapons (excluding Special Delivery weapons).
Unique weapons are available in a single copy throughout the Kingdom of Amalur and are those marked with a purple color. For this reason, finding them is not easy, but considering that there are many types of unique weapons available, you will not have great difficulty in reaching 10.
Search well inside the chests and rummage through the corpses, you will unlock the trophy / objective in the course of the game.
No way!
Perform 100 saves.
Each weapon has the replica ability, buy it for 50 points and perform the necessary parries.
Kill 25 enemies with traps.
You will have access to the first trap, by going to the right side of the skill tree.
You will need 6 points to unlock this ability and a little more for it to become lethal. However, you will have no difficulty getting to 25 over the course of the game.
Perform 25 special attacks following a parry.
By continuing to upgrade this character you will gain an ability that allows you to do this.
Combo and chips?
Complete 100 attack sequences.
To achieve this, it is necessary to continue attacking the enemy until the attack chain is complete and the enemy staggers.
You will surely unlock it in the course of the adventure.
Overwhelming supremacy
Kill 100 enemies with abilities.
Refer to the trophy / achievement "And there were none left".
And there was no one left
Kill 500 enemies with abilities.
Any skill is fine even if it is not clear at the moment whether or not traps fall within the skills. In any case, you can easily do it using the lightning bolts you unlock in the tutorial. The important thing is to get to 500 kills.
Land 5 consecutive attacks on an enemy thrown into the air.
Video Available
Do as shown in the video.
Elixir of fate
Brew a Potion with the Essence of Fate.
After reaching level 5 in alchemy, you can use the Potions of Destiny skill, but your character must be at least lv. 8.
At this point, use these 4 ingredients Bloodroot, essence of destiny, cohosh and embereyes to get the result.
It did not explode!
Make a stable potion by experimenting.
It is very likely that you will get the result by trying in the course of the game, but for more help, go to Gohart in the western building opposite the blacksmith, go to the mixing room in the basement and begin the experiments.
I recommend collecting herbs that are found everywhere.
Green thumb
Collect 10 of each type of reagent.
Collect 10 of each of the 20 reagents:

- Bloodroot: SeaWatch, located to the left of the Caeled Coast on the map.
- Seaflax: SeaWatch.
- Scarlet Flowstone: SeaWatch from the alchemical laboratory.
- Bark Scarwood: SeaWatch.
- Sky Blossom: SeaWatch.
- Essence of Fate: Campo Goto Araid, on the road you will see a small cave on the left, it should be there.
- Tindertwig: SeaWatch.
- Black Cohosh: Allestar Tower, at the beginning of the game, but it should be everywhere.
- Flake White: Shardfall, top left of Cradle of Summer, inside the cave.
- Anguilla Petal: Allestar Tower, at least 2 on the road in the first city of the game.
- Sali Scarab: Shardfall.
- Stella Thistle: SeaWatch.
- Softscrabble Powder: In the Court of Winter.
- Fibre Sativa: SeaWatch.
- Cripplespore Caps: Mines Stonecandle, but also found in most caves.
- Edelweiss: House of Valor, but it should also be found all over the desert.
- Breath at YSA: SeaWatch.
- Embereyes: SeaWatch.
- Bark Leechwood: SeaWatch.
- Dust Prismere: in the Winter Court.
Like New
Repair a piece of equipment.
This trophy / achievement can actually be picked up in the tutorial.
You will find the repair kit by going to: Menu> Inventory> Items> Product.
Highlight the kit and repair.
Easier than that ...
Practical lesson
Craft a piece of equipment with Forge.
Refer to the "Master of the Forge" result.
Master of the forge
Craft an item that uses all 5 forging slots.
As soon as you get some items, go to the blacksmith to have them forged. To be able to use all the slots remember that you must be at least level 16 as a character and have at least level 10 in Forge.
The charm of the Gem
Create an Epic Gem.
Video Available
To do this you must be at least level 8 in Arte Savia. Follow the video
Rough diamond
Create a pure Shard.
Video Available
This trophy / achievement can be overcome by joining 2 of any type of fragments you have found.
It is necessary to be at least at level 3 of Arte Savia; the fragments can be found everywhere, but preferably they are found in the chests.
Then go to an altar like Gohart's to create the fragment. Follow the video
They didn't notice anything
Backstab 20 enemies.
The tutorial will teach you how to kill an enemy by stealth, repeat 20 times to get the result.
Discover 100 locations.
As you explore the world, as soon as you discover a new place, the name will appear on the screen and then you will find it on the map.
Find 100 to get the trophy / achievement.
The great investigator
Find 25 hidden objects.
Detecting a hidden object is a skill that will allow you to see hidden chambers and places where you can find very useful treasures to carry on the adventure.
Use this skill and you will get the result smoothly as you explore the game world.
Great Sage
Discover all the stones of knowledge.
Consult the maps you find in our complete guide to the Stones of Knowledge.
Read 50 books.
You can find books everywhere on the shelves of buildings, highlight it, grab it and read it.
To get some books you will have to steal them, be careful.
Spend 200.000 coins.
As soon as you take some money, spend it.
By finishing the game it can happen to accumulate more than 1.000.000, so buy what you like best, pay the fines, etc.
You will certainly unlock it in the course of the game.
Steal and sell an item.
Very simple. Pickpocket something and then resell it.
Where is my wallet?
Pickpocket 20 times.
Enter stealth mode, approach the target and loot it.
Repeat the process 20 times and you will have the trophy / goal.
Important Note: To get the result you will have to pickpocket successfully, so the victim does not have to notice anything.
Escape from prison.
If you commit a crime you will be discovered and you will go to jail.
At this point they will ask you if you want to pay the bail, if you accept it will help you to take the crime it does not pay, otherwise you will end up in a dark cat.
Inside the cell you can escape, once you exit repeat the procedure and soon you will have unlocked 3 trophies / objectives at once.
A criminal life
Get caught 25 times while committing a crime.
Whenever you commit a crime (which can be stealing, killing, etc.), you have to show up.
If you do this 25 times you will unlock the result.
Crime doesn't pay
Spend over 10.000 gold on bribes.
If you get arrested before being taken to prison you will be asked if you want to contribute by paying a sum of money, accept and accumulate the amount necessary to take the result.
A little and a little
Unlock a dual-class hybrid destiny.
It is your destiny
Unlock a maximum level destiny.
Unlock the Fate Factotum.
Fate Factotum is unlocked by placing 2 skill points on the 3 talent trees, namely:
Force 2
2 magic
Dexterity 2

The card is called Explorer.
Pick 50 locks.
Find 50 locked chests and crack them.
You will certainly unlock it in the course of the game.
Open Sesame
Disenchant 50 seals.
Seals can be found all over the place, typically they are bright (almost all purple in color).
Play the mini-game correctly, repeat 50 times and you will have the result.
A smile is enough
Successful 50 attempts at persuasion.
While talking to a NPC (non-player character), you may have the opportunity to persuade them to give you some items or gold.
You can do this via the green option on the right of the dialogue wheel.
It is unclear whether the persuasion skill affects this, but most likely it does. Convince 50 people and you will unlock the trophy / achievement.
An elephant in a glass factory
Destroy 1.000 items.
Destroy anything that comes within range; boxes, vases, objects, etc.
If your destructive fury is good, you will soon hit 1.000 and get the result.

Kingodoms of Amalur: Reckoning Secret Achievements and Trophies

You were reborn from the Well of Souls and escaped from the Allestar Tower.
This achievement is linked to history, keep playing and you can't miss it.
Absolute determination
You have met the High King Titarion and the true purpose of your powers has been revealed to you.
This achievement is linked to history, keep playing and you can't miss it.
Turn the tides upside down
With a ruse you pushed Octienne to betray the necromantic nature of his experiments.
This achievement is linked to history, keep playing and you can't miss it.
Hero of Mel Senshir
You have defeated the great Balor.
This achievement is linked to history, keep playing and you can't miss it.
Fate does not exist
You defeated Tirnoch and escaped fate.
This achievement is linked to history, keep playing and you can't miss it.
Fate subjugated
You completed the game on Hard difficulty.
It seems that changing the difficulty level right before finishing the game does not help, so you have to complete the adventure from the beginning to the end always playing on Hard difficulty.
You talked to someone without wearing any clothes.
To get the result you have to be completely naked. Undress everything: weapons, rings, talismans, clothes, everything away. Then talk to someone.

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