LA Noire - List and location of all 95 vehicles to drive

    LA Noire - List and location of all 95 vehicles to drive

    LA Noire - List and location of all 95 vehicles to drive We unlock "Motor Fanatic"


    LA Noire - List and location of all 95 vehicles to driveLA Noire - List and location of all 95 vehicles to drive

    In LA Noire there are a total of 95 drivable cars. Most of these vehicles can be found simply by walking around the city, while other cars are more hidden and not exactly easy to find.

    In this list you will find all 95 cars that you will have to drive to unlock the "Motor Fanatic" achievement / trophy.
    The area of ​​the city where it is most likely to be seen is indicated for each car.

    If you have difficulty finding one in particular, just enter a request in our FORUM and we will provide you with the photo of the vehicle in question.

    As always, we invite you to leave your feedback: use the stars at the top or the comments at the bottom of the page. Good hunting!

    2-door vehicles (25 out of 95)

    • Buick 2 DR Sedanette: Wilshire
    • Buick Business Coupe: Westlake
    • Buick Coupe: Central Downtown
    • Buick Custom: Hollywood
    • Buick Eight Convertible: Wilshire
    • Buick Eight Coupe: Central Downtown
    • Chevrolete Fleetmaster 2DR: Central Downtown
    • Chevrolete Styeline: Central Downtown
    • Chrysler Town and Country: Downtown, Hollywood
    • Cord Hardtop: Hollywood
    • Desoto 2DR Custom: Westlake
    • Ford Convertible: Hollywood
    • Ford Custom: Central
    • Ford 2 DR: Westlake
    • Ford Business Coupe: Westlake
    • Ford Tudor Convertible: Downtown
    • Ford V8 Sedan: Central Downtown
    • Lasalle V8 Sedan: Westlake
    • Lincoln Continental Coupe: Wilshire
    • Nash Super 600: Central Downtown
    • Packard Clipper Eight: Central Downtown
    • Packard Clipper Six: Wilshire
    • Packard Custom: Wilshire
    • Pontiac Torpedo Six: Westlake, Hollywood
    • Studebaker Commander: Westlake

    4-door vehicles (19 out of 95)

    • Cadillac Lasalle Series 50: Westlake, East Downtown
    • Cadillac Series 61 Touring Sedan: Wilshire
    • Cadillac Series 61: Westlake
    • Cadillac Series 75 Limousine: Hollywood
    • Chevrolet Sedan: East Downtown
    • Chrysler Airflow: Central Downtown
    • Desoto Custom Suburban: Central Downtown
    • Frazer Manhattan: Central Downtown
    • Hudson Super Six: Central Downtown
    • International D Series Sedan: East Downtown
    • Lincoln Zephyr Touring: Westlake
    • Oldsmobile Hydramatic 88: Central Downtown
    • Oldsmobile Sedan: Hollywood
    • Packard Clipper Eight: Central Downtown
    • Plymouth P5: East Downtown
    • Plymouth Sedan: East Downtown
    • Plymouth Special Deluxe Six: Wilshire
    • Pontiac Sedan Six: Central Downtown
    • Willy's Overland: Central Downtown

    Police vehicles (9 of 95)

    • Super Buick: Used in cases of the Traffic department
    • Cadillac Series 62 Convertible: Used in Vice desk cases
    • Chevrolet Coroner's Van: Parked near several crime scenes
    • Chevrolet Fleetmaster 2DR: Used by Jack Kelso in cases of fire
    • Ford Police Special: Used in patrol department cases
    • Hudson Commodore: Used in cases of fire
    • International Police Wagon: At roadblocks or during the "Reefer Madness" mission
    • Nash Super 600: Used in Murder cases
    • Studebaker Commander: Parked near several crime scenes

    Special vehicles (19 of 95)

    • American La France Fire Truck: In an alley near the police station of Hollywood
    • Buick Ambulance: Central
    • Chevrolet Civilian Van: Central Downtown
    • Chevrolet Pickup: Westlake
    • Chevrolet Pickup 2: Central Downtown
    • Chevrolet Tow Truck: Wilshire
    • Chevrolet Van: Westlake
    • Desoto Custom Suburban Taxi: Central Downtown
    • Dodge Fuel Truck: Wilshire
    • Ford Ambulance: Central
    • GMC Pickup: Central Downtown
    • Heil Colecto-Pak: Central
    • International D Series: Central
    • International KB5: Hollywood
    • International KB6: East Downtown
    • International KB8: East Downtown
    • International KB8 (bis): East Downtown
    • International Metro KB1M: Wilshire
    • Nash Deluxe 600 Army: South Hollywood

    Sports cars (8 of 95)

    • Cadillac V16 Convertible: Hollywood
    • Chevrolet Fleetmaster Convertible: Hollywood
    • Ford Deluxe Convertible: Westlake
    • Lincoln Continental Convertible: Hollywood
    • Lincoln Model K Convertible Roadster: Wilshire
    • Mercury Custom: East Downtown
    • Nash La Fayette Convertible: Hollywood
    • Oldsmobile S98 Convertible: Wilshire

    Hidden Vehicles (15 of 95)

    Unlike all the others, hidden vehicles are rare and not easily found. Don't despair! We have a video guide showing the exact location of the hidden cars you can find by following this link:
    Guide to hidden cars (rare vehicles)


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