LA Noire Trophy List [PS3]

LA Noire Trophy List [PS3]


Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of LA Noire

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


A cop on every corner
Complete a single street crime.
The man in the street
Answer 20 street crimes.
The long arm of the law
Complete all Street Crimes.
Give me five!
Complete a story case with a five-star rating.
Not so fast
Stop a fleeing suspect by shooting in the air as an LAPD detective.
Asphalt jungle
Track down and tackle a runaway suspect as an LAPD detective.
Take out a suspect's vehicle with the help of your partner.
The naked truth
Use evidence to refute a lie as an LAPD detective or investigator.
This goes on file
Find and inspect a clue as an LAPD detective or investigator.
Golden Boy
Solve a case by finding all the clues as an LAPD detective or investigator.
The plot thickens
Solve a puzzle during an inspection.
Always at the tablet
Push a vehicle above 80 mph for more than ten seconds.
Worn tires
Drive more than 194,7 miles.
Wood coats
Take down a total of 30 Delinquents with headshots.
The dead weigh a lot more
Shoot and kill a total of 100 thugs.
The city is teeming with weapons
Kill at least one thug with any type of weapon.
This is Hollywood
Find and examine all the gold film reels.
The shadow
Track a suspect without ever being spotted in a single case.
Third grade
Always choose the right reaction in all interrogations in a single case in the story.
Flea in the ear
Use four insight points in a dialogue with a single suspect, getting every single question right.
Map of the stars
Discover all the famous places in the city.
Anonymous in the crowd
Follow Candy without taking cover or going undercover, except when you start or resume stalking.
Not a hair out of place
Complete a fight without losing your hat as an LAPD detective or investigator.
Sunday driver
Drive 5 different vehicles.
Car collector
Drive 40 different vehicles.
Motor fanatic
Drive every vehicle in town.
Big shot
Reach the maximum level.
Find and examine 95% of the clues.
Out to see the stars again
Complete all cases in the story with a five-star rating.
Public danger
Accumulate $ 47.000 in penalties in a single case in history.
The city of angels
Complete the game 100%.
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Cut it out
At Ray's Café, find the bloody knife in your first crime scene inspection.
Police school
Complete all cases on the Patrol.
Paved with good intentions
Complete all Traffic Cases.
The simple art of crime
Complete all cases in Homicide.
There is no peace for the wicked
Complete all cases at Narcotics.
People of the world
At Club La Bamba, get McColl to reveal Celine Henry's partner's license plate.
Sixth regiment
Get Felix Alvarro to reveal the names of the marines involved in the great Coolridge heist.
Loose gab
Outsmart Leland Monroe by talking about his construction or advertising business.
The moth towards the flame
Complete all cases in Arson.



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