Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes - Red Brick Guide

Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes - Red Brick Guide


Well well dear Fragger brothers, let's continue with the long series of guides dedicated to Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes.

In this new guide we deal with red bricks collectibles.

By pausing the game and accessing the Extras menu you will notice a list ranging from Red Brick 1 to 20. These are the tricks of the game that must be unlocked before being activated.

There are two ways to unlock and start using the cheats:

1) find the 20 Red Bricks that are scattered around the hub, the map of Gotham City that can be explored freely (NOT in the campaign levels to be clear)

2) know the codes to enter in the "Enter code" menu


with the first or the second method it makes no difference, you will always get the same trick. Below you can see the complete list of Red Bricks and their effects obtained by activating the cheats.

Effect obtained
Red Brick 1

Attract tokens (attract tokens near you)
Red Brick 2


Beep Beep (change vehicle horns)
Red Brick 3


Character tokens
Red Brick 4


Disguise (character mask)
Red Brick 5


Extra Hearts (adds hearts)
Red Brick 6


Extra Toggle (+1 selectable character)
Red Brick 7


Fall rescue
Red Brick 8


Gold Brick Detector
Red Brick 9


Minikit detector
Red Brick 10

Citizens in Danger Detector
Red Brick 11

Red brick detector
Red Brick 12

Regenerate hearts
Red Brick 13

Token Multiplier X2
Red Brick 14
read below

Token Multiplier X4
Red Brick 15
read below

Token Multiplier X6
Red Brick 16
read below

Token Multiplier X8
Red Brick 17
read below

Token Multiplier X10
Red Brick 18

Super Construction
Red Brick 19

Liane (the grapple becomes a vine)
Red Brick 20

read below

Invincibility (infinite life)

NOTE: in addition to these codes there are others that unlock some characters, you can find them in the complete guide to sblcocare all the characters.


As you can see, almost all the tricks can be activated without fussing about finding the relative red brick but simply using the code that we propose in the table. For the Token multipliers and for l 'Invincibility however, there seems to be no cheat code. That's why we show you where to find the related red bricks.

To find the Red Bricks 14 - 15 - 16 and 17  and activate the Token multipliers follow this video:

To find Red Brick 20 and activate infinite life.
First of all, you must have finished the game at least once. Then select the Superman character (to unlock him follow the character guide) and climb to the top of the Wayne Tower. Here you will find a Riddler box. To open it, select the Riddler character (to unlock it follow the usual character guide). Inside you will find Red Brick 20, buy it for 200.000 tokens and you will have the Invincibility trick.

If you are determined to still find all 20 red bricks and unlock the achievement / trophy

Extra! Extra! - Collect all red bricks (Single player only)

so remember to use it often scan in the map, with this each detected red brick will be highlighted with a red circle. Also remember to activate the "Red Brick Detector" trick which will indicate with an arrow the position of any red bricks in your vicinity. To activate this trick, follow the guide to the Lego Batman 2 cheat codes.

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