Lego Hobbit: "100% Complete" Achievements / Trophy Guide

    Lego Hobbit - How to 100% complete the game

    Lego Hobbit:  

    Beyond what is easy to think knowing that this is a game about LEGO, the titles of this series have always been very complex and completing them in all respects has never been an easy task. Do you want to try it?

    "100% Complete" Objective / Trophy Guide

    Get ready because it will be a long and demanding journey. To complete the game 100% you need to:

    • Complete all 16 levels in Story mode (follow the video solution)
    • Obtain the rank "master burglar" in all levels (master burglar guide)
    • Collect all Minikits (Minikit guide)
    • Collect all Projects (Project Guide)
    • Collect all the Precious Items (Treasure Guide)
    • Collect all Mithril Bricks (Mithril Bricks guide)
    • Forge all precious items in Mithril (see "Items of Great Beauty" in the trophy guide)
    • Unlock and buy all Red Bricks (Red Bricks Guide)
    • Complete all side missions (see "Defender of the People" in the trophy guide)

    That's all. When you have done all this you too can look out on the balcony of the house and shout @ # òùò @ ùòò @ # I have completed Lego lo Hobbiiiiiiiiittttt.

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