Lego Star Wars Red Bricks Guide The Force Awakens [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

    Lego Star Wars Red Bricks Guide The Force Awakens [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

    Lego Star Wars Red Bricks Guide The Force Awakens [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


    In this guide we see how to unlock all red bricks in Lego Star Wars the Force Awakens.

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    As tradition has it, even the Lego Star Wars the Awakening of the Force is not lacking the Red Bricks, that is the collectibles that allow you to unlock the game's tricks. Some of these tricks are very useful in gameplay, such as the one that attracts coins faster or infinite life, others are very fun and still others are fundamental as the very precious coin multipliers.

    Even in this new chapter the operation is always the same: first of all it is necessary find the Red Bricks scattered in the various levels and then activate them from the special console located in the gaming hub by paying the required amount of tokens.

    There are 25 red bricks in total:

    • 7 are available immediately and it is therefore possible to immediately unlock the relative trick by paying the required amount of tokens;
    • 12 must be collected in the story missions, one for each chapter;
    • 6 are found in the adventure levels.

    The video you can see above shows exactly how to get ALL 18 red bricks from Lego Star Wars the Force Awakens in story and adventure levels (the other 7, as already mentioned, are already available). We list them below with the minute of the corresponding video and the price in tokens that you will have to pay to unlock them:

    00:00 Show the console in the Hub where you can buy the red bricks, provided you have already unlocked them.
    01:24 - 1 The Battle of Endor - Build Fast (100.000 Tokens) or Attract Tokens (200.000 Tokens).
    02:08 - 2 Assault on Jakku - Build fast (100.000 tokens) or Attract Tokens (200.000 tokens).
    03:02 - 3 Escape From the Finalizer - Interact fast (200.000 coins).
    03:21 - 4 Niima Outpost - X8 Coin Multiplier (4.000.000 coins).
    04:16 - 5 The Eravana - X2 Coin Multiplier (2.000.000 coins).
    05:05 - 6 Rathtar Hunting - Fast Force (200.000 Tokens).
    05:37 - 7 Maz's Castle - X6 Coin Multiplier (3.000.000).
    06:13 - 8 Battle of Takodana - Instant Destroy (200.000 Tokens).
    06:44 - 9 The Resistance - Super Slap (500.000 gettoni).
    07:18 - 10 Starkiller Sabotage - X4 Coin Multiplier (2.000.000 tokens).
    07:38 - 11 Destroy Starkiller Base - Regenerates life (500.000 tokens).
    09:33 - 12 Epilogue Luke’s Island - The Funk Awakens (1.000.000 gettoni).
    10:11 - 13 Lor San Tekke's Return - Collect Guide tokens (200.000 tokens).
    11:41 - 14 The Crimson Corsair - Imperial Inaccuracy (1.000.000 gettoni).
    12:10 - 15 The Finale - X10 Coin Multiplier (5.000.000 coins).
    12:47 - 16 Poe to the Rescue - Infinite Torpedo (500.000 tokens).
    14:06 - 17 Trouble Over Taul - Regenerate combat gauge (1.000.000 tokens).
    14:47 - 18 Ottegan Assault - Super Disco Blasters (200.000 tokens).

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