Little Nightmares 2 - Complete Guide to All Hats

Little Nightmares 2 - Complete Guide to All Hats

Like many other video games of this genre too Little Nightmares 2, following the tradition of the previous chapter, it offers the possibility for players to find some collectibles scattered throughout the game world. In this specific case, two different types of collectibles have been included: i Ghosts and Hats. In this guide we will explain step by step where to go to find all these fantastic caps, all different from each other and very extravagant.

Before continuing with the text, we advise you to pay attention in case you have not yet concluded in its entirety Little Nightmares 2, as you may run into some previews related to the plot and to various playful sections of the work of Tarsier Studios.

Little Nightmares 2 - Complete Guide to All Hats

The total number of these headdresses is 12 and they are all located in different areas around the City Pale, the main location that accompanies us for almost the entire adventure of this fascinating chapter on the plate Tarsier Studios. In general, researching this type of collectibles requires the player some time, and in this specific case no particular skill: only the desire to go to the indicated point.



# 1 - Mokujin hat

This very special hat comes as a game pre-order bonus. It automatically appears in your inventory from the start of the game.

# 2 - Paper bag

This is the first headgear that the game provides to the player as soon as the game starts.

# 3 - Hunter's hat

Once you enter the hunter's house for the first time, you will find this hat at the end of the hall, through the door on the left.

# 4 - Rain hat

After crossing the broken bridge, you will find this hat in a cage. Climb the cages next to it, then climb up the hanging one and jump on it to get it.

# 5 - Name Hat (Attic Name DLC)

Follow Name after getting the key to the attic to get this hat.

The school

# 6 - Ball hat

In the schoolyard, you'll stumble upon this hat on top of the dumpster near the front door.

# 7 - Tin hat

When you first enter the library, simply move the ladder to the second shelf and climb it to find this hat.

The hospital

# 8 - Plush hat

In the playroom next to the X-ray machine, go up to the bookshelf on the right to get this hat.

# 9 - Mummy hat

While looking for the key in the morgue, you will find this hat behind the lower left door near the table.

The pale city

# 10 - Postman hat

As soon as you enter the room full of mailboxes, go down to the lower area and look to the left for a pile of letters. As soon as you cross the shaft you will find the hat.

# 11 - Flat hat

In the toy shop, you can find this hat on a shelf in the lower left corner. Just push the shopping cart to reach it.

The signal tower

# 12 - The cowboy hat

The latter hat will appear in your inventory as soon as you complete the game.

Hoping this guide was useful to you, we refer you to our section dedicated to Little Nightmares 2.

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