Lollipop Chainsaw - Unlockable Costume Guide [360-PS3]

Lollipop Chainsaw - Unlockable Costume Guide [360-PS3]


Dear sons and daughters, the time has come to deal with your gods Fragger costumes to unlock in Lollipop Chainsaw.

Obviously a Miss like Juliet cannot miss a wardrobe worthy of a real star, also because when you go around with a chainsaw to do zombie carpaccio all day, the change of clothes every half hour is almost mandatory. .

In Lollipop Chainsaw there are many extra bonus outfits that must first be unlocked and then purchased at the shop by spending a few Platinum medals earned during the game.

Most of the clothes are unlocked simply as you progress through the Campaign, but some will only become available in the shop after beating Dad's score, here they are in detail:

Cordelia costume: Beat Dad's score in Chapter 2
Dad Costume: Beat Dad's score in Chapter 4
Japanese console costumes: Complete the campaign on any difficulty
Mom Costume: Beat Dad's score in Chapter 5
Rosalind costume: Beat Dad's score in Chapter 3


after unlocking these just listed plus all the others (as mentioned at the beginning the remaining costumes are unlocked as you progress in the game) you can buy them in the shop by spending the number of medals indicated in the complete list of unlockable clothes below.


American Cheerleader 15 Platinum Megaglie
Bunny Costume 27 Platinum Megaglie
Busujima Saeko 25 Platinum Megaglie
Cordelia 31 Platinum Megaglie
Crash Helmet 29 Platinum Megaglie
Dad costume 35 Platinum Megaglie
Date night 30 Platinum Megaglie
Haruna 25 Platinum Megaglie
Japanese nurse 85 Platinum Megaglie
Manyu Chifusa 25 Platinum Megaglie
Miyamoto Rei 25 Platinum Megaglie
Mom Costume 37 Platinum Megaglie
Uniforme Purple Pride 20 Platinum Megaglie
Rosalind 33 Platinum Megaglie
Sexy American Casual 10 Platinum Megaglie
Sexy Rider Outfit 90 Platinum Megaglie
Sexy Shell Bikini 80 Platinum Megaglie
Shiro's Outfit 25 Platinum Megaglie
Striped Bikini 75 Platinum Megaglie



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