Lords of the Fallen - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]

Lords of the Fallen - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 4 of Lords of the traps

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum




Only after the disaster
Defeat the Worshiper



Wanting is power
Defeat the Annihilator.



Hard skin, tender heart
Defeat the Commander.



A thousand candles
Defeat the Guardian.



Here is a Lord!
Defeat the Lord Keeper.



There is no place for losers
Defeat the Champion.



Seal the gate
Defeat the Infiltrator.



Fury is a gift
Defeat the Beast.



Two against one
Defeat the Lost Brothers.



Speak in riddles
Meet the Blacksmith.



An unattended treasure.
Loot all the treasure halls.



Aren't you having fun?
Pass all the test stands.



Nobody can hear you scream
Complete all Infinite Oblii.



It is powerful in this man.
Unlock all spells in a class.



Give it power
Buy your first ability point or spell point.



Little joy has of the urn
Die for the first time.



I am myself again
Capture your ghost to recover the lost experience.



Find a message left by someone.



I point it all!
Defeat a boss with at least 20.000 unused experience.



Alone I would never have made it
Let the boss destroy the statue during the fight.



Arms expert
Collect all kinds of weapons.



Hunting for monsters
Kill all kinds of enemies.



This! it's Keystone!
Kill an enemy with a kick.



The way of the cleric
Complete the game as a cleric.



The way of the thief
Complete the game as a thief.



The way of the warrior
Complete the game as a warrior.


Against all odds
Defeat any boss without taking damage.



Super strength
Upgrade the healing potions.



From manual
Find 60 audio messages.



My private stash.
Obtain 12 special weapons.



Lords and Judges
Unlock all trophies.

Lords of the Fallen secret trophies

He who protects us
You met Antanas.



Now it starts to get serious
You have entered the kingdom of Rhogar.


Cry to the gods
You met Adyr.


Now let's think!
You found the glove.


Idiot of a Took!
You threw a corpse into the bottomless pit of the Catacombs.


Take me by the hand
You cut off the monk's arm.



I saw everything
You have entered 15 secret rooms.



Do to others ...
You killed the Lord Keeper with the Keeper's Greatsword.


God is dead
You have led the Humans to victory.


Faith is weakness
You have led the Rhogar to victory.


The world is in his hands
You have brought balance to both realms.


Break my heart
You have 9 Tyrant hearts



Human skull
You have 25 human skulls.


I'm feeling lucky
You have purified the sword of the unfortunate grave robber.


She was the last woman left here
You showed mercy for an imprisoned monster.


Harkyn Collection.
You have 20 armor.

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