Mad Max - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]

Mad Max - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS4]


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 4 of Mad Max

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum


Quick diversion
Complete the Dinki-Di Wastelands mission
Stop and discover the scent of roses
Complete all missions in the wastelands
Golden Boy
Reach a new rank of Legend
Lightning-fast pilot
Complete a "Time Bomb" Death Race
Strategic pilot
Complete a "Diaspora" Death Race
Experienced pilot
Complete a "Barrel Assault" Death Race
Unstoppable speed
Complete at least one race in each location where Death Races take place
Complete a Death Race with an Archangel
Complete a Death Race with every Archangel
Defeat an enemy vehicle with each Archangel
Long live Jeet
Reduce the threat to 0 around the fortress of Jeet in the Plain of Fort of the Staves region
Long live Gutgash
Reduce the threat to 0 around the fortress of Gutgash in the Dry Moon region
Long live Pink Eye
Reduce the threat to 0 around the Pink Eye fortress in the Twisted Sack region
A new grill for dad
Collect all hood ornaments
A thousand words
Collect all historical artifacts
Seven plate
It quenches a nomad's thirst
Fresh air
Perform a wasteland jump with the Magnum Opus
In flight
Fly in a vehicle for at least 4 seconds and land without dying
Big favor to Jeet
Make two projects in Jeet's Fortress
Big favor to Gutgash
Make two projects in the fortress of Gutgash
Big favor at Pink Eye
Make two projects in the Pink Eye fortress
Complete all blueprints in all fortresses
Just reward
Accumulate 5.000 scrap in your inventory
Scrap collector
Accumulate 10.000 scrap in your inventory
Traveling to nowhere
Drive a distance of 1.300 times the length of a car in a vehicle
The bigger they are ...
Destroy a pack leader's camp
Legendary Demoman
Destroy all Scrotus camps
Wasteland Chef
Have a meal of larvae
Higher and higher
Fly the balloon to each observation post
Explosives specialist
Neutralize all minefields
Empty heads
Destroy all scarecrows
Sniper exterminator
Eliminate all Scrotus snipers
Rust is the new black
Get all body colors
Get the best V6 and V8 engines
Walk 650 times the length of a car on foot
Master scout
Loot all looting points
Explosions are not enough
Complete all optional objectives in all camps
Complete a Death Race by setting a legendary time with each Archangel
The start of something good
Eliminate all threats in Jeet's territory

Keep it up
Eliminate all threats in the territory of Gutgash
The rumor spreads
Eliminate all threats in Pink Eye territory
I'm going to the max
Fully upgrade Max
Road warrior
Reach the rank of Legendary Road Warrior
At the height of the mission
Complete all non-repeatable challenges
The halls of Valhalla
Collect all trophies


Mad Max Secret Trophies

All lost again
Complete Chapter 1
Wastelands of Opportunities
Complete Chapter 2
Digging a deeper hole
Complete Chapter 3
Power in the engine
Complete Chapter 4
Awakening from the downward spiral
Complete Chapter 5

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