Mass Effect 3 - Rewards and Collectibles Guide with Planet Scans [360-PS3-PC]

Mass Effect 3 - Rewards and Collectibles Guide with Planet Scans [360-PS3-PC]

The Mass Effect 3 galaxy is a large place full of rewards and hidden objects. In the third installment of the series conceived by Bioware it is possible to travel freely using the Normandy to acquire and collect rewards on certain planets. Each star system requires more than one scan to find all the rewards, and the novelty of this chapter is that if you don't hurry the Reapers will take little time to intercept and hunt you down.

For this reason you may find this guide useful which presents the list of all systems and planets that contain credits, war assets, modules, upgrades and special updates just waiting to be found, so that you can focus your scans on them and let others go.

Before moving on to the list, I remind you that you can use the various updates by going to Liara's office and using her terminal.

Star cluster: Hades Gamma

Sistema: Antaeus

    * Planet: Trebin - Award: Credits

Sistema: Cacus

    * Planet: Chohe - Reward: Credits

Sistema: Plutus

    Planet: Nonuel - Reward: 103rd Marine Division Update

System: Farinata

    * Pianeta: Juntauma – Premio: Alliance First Fleet Update

Sistema: Dis

    * Planet: Klensai - Reward: Credits

Star Cluster: Sigurd's Cradle

Sistema: Skepsis

    * Planet: Watson - Reward: 50 War Assets

Sistema: Beauty

    * Planet: Laena - Award: Credits

Star cluster: Apien Crest

System: Castellus

    * Planet: Digeris - Award: Artifact

System: Jewels

    * Planet: Pheiros - Reward: 40 War Assets

Star Cluster: Kite's Nest

Sistema: Vular

    * Planet: Vana - Award: Artifact

Sistema: Harsa

    * Pianeta: Verush - Premio: Intel
    * Planet: Khar'Shan - Reward: Artifact

System: Untrel

    * Planet: Adek - Reward: Credits

Star Cluster: Exodus Cluster

System: Utopia

    * Planet: Zion - Reward: 75 War Assets

Sistema: Asgard

    * Planet: Tyrr - Prize: 75 War Resources
    * Pianeta: Borr - Premio: Intel
    * Planet: Newfoundland - Prize: 40 War Resources
    * Planet: Loki - Prize: 35 War Resources

Isma Frontier

System: Eagle

    * Planet: Metaponto - Award: Intel

Minos Wasteland

System: Fortis

    * Planet: Pietas - Award: Credits

Shrike Abyssal

System: Father's Car

    * Planet: Zada ​​Ban - Reward: Credits

System: Urla Rast

    * Planet: Talis Fia - Award: Artifact

Arcturus Stream

Sistema: Arcturus

    * Planet: Arcturus Station - Award: Intel

Krogan DMZ

Sistema: Dranek

    * Planet: Rothla - Planet: 25 War Assets

Gemini Sigma

System: Han

    * Planet: Mavigon - Planet: Credits

Sistema: Ming

    * Pianeta: Parag - Premio: Alliance Third Fleet Update

We went Cluster

Sistema: Aru

    * Planet: Cherk Sat - Reward: 45 War Assets

    * Planet: Irune - Award: Artifact

System: One Arrd

    * Planet: Nalisin - Reward: 50 War Assets

System: Esori

    * Planet: Sola Paolis - Reward: 50 War Assets

System: Nura

    * Planet: Oma Kar - Award: Intel

Attican Beta

Sistema: Hercules

    * Planet: Eletania - Reward: 45 War Assets

Sistema: Theseus

    * Planet: Feros - Prize: 50 War Resources

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