Metro Exodus - Guide to the moral system of the 4A Games title

Metro Exodus, developed by 4A engine to Deep Silver e Koch Media, available since last 15 February, and the third chapter of the Metro series, based on the novels di Dmitry Glochovsky. Let's find out together the importance of moral choices that regulate the lore of the game!

The world of Metro Exodus it is full of dangers, monstrous creatures and hostile factions that can't wait to get your skin on. To survive all this the player will be called upon to make difficult choices, that will directly (or indirectly) affect the lives of other characters.

In Metro Exodus every location of the 3 available (Volga, Caspian Sea e Taiga) has a very specific morality system, where difficult choices will have to be made which, usually, will involve killing or surprising enemies. Depending on the decision made, you will get a different ending for each chapter. Furthermore, the success of some secondary missions will allow some companions of the protagonist to save their lives.

The ending of the game will be directly affected by the amount of surviving companions up to that point. Some dialogues and some cutscenes will be influenced by the death of a specific character, Finally, the choice to kill or leave alive an enemy who has already surrendered will lead to the "bad" or "good" ending, respectively.

To survive in the ruthless world of Metro Exodus, currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, you may want to take a look at our Guide to Mutants… Good luck!


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