Metro Last Light: how to see the best ending

    Metro Last Light: how to see the best ending

    Metro Last Light: how to see the best ending


    And you, have you been a good boy or a bad vine ???

    Exactly as in the previous chapter, also in Metro Last Light our conscience will have to deal with an "occult" scoring system that will keep track of all the actions performed throughout history. The resultant is quite simple: see the good ending or get the bad one.

    It is confirmed that there are 2 alternate endings in the game and, unlike other titles with multiple endings, in Metro Last Light the crossroads and the choices to be made that lead to one or the other ending are not highlighted in any way, thus making the player an "unaware" responsible for the epilogue of history.

    It is easy to guess that the good deeds performed throughout the game increase the "morale score", while the bad ones decrease it. At the end of the campaign, those who have scored a certain score (unknown threshold, since the same points system is hidden) will be able to see the good ending, while those who have not behaved like a good guy will see the worst ending.

    Below we propose a series of actions that you will have to do (the good ones) and NOT to do (the bad ones) to be able to have the best ending of Metro Last Light.

    Metro Last Light: how to see the best endingTo see the good ending DON'T it is necessary to carry out ALL these actions, but it is enough to carry out as many as possible and above all to avoid making oneself responsible for the bad ones. If you want to see the bad ending it will be enough, as they say in Oxford, to be an asshole and do as many negative actions as possible.

    Good actions

    • Spare the lives of the soldiers who surrender
    • Save women and children
    • Hear the other characters' stories
    • Play the musical instruments
    • Be generous with beggars by offering bullets (it's the game currency, it doesn't mean you have to shoot them !!!)
    • Do what they ask you (Example: if they tell you a creature is not hostile, don't kill it)
    • Find the ammo hidden in QUARANTINE
    • Complete SEPARATION without killing humans
    • Complete WAREHOUSE without killing humans
    • Complete REVOLUTION without killing humans
    • Complete BRIDGE without killing humans
    • Save the women and children in BANDITS
    • Give the Teddy bear back to the crying baby in VENICE
    • See all the visions in DEAD CITY (guide dedicated to visions)
    • Non uccidetel Pavel o Lesnitsky

    Bad Actions

    • Kill civilians
    • Kill soldiers who have surrendered
    • Stolen from populated areas

    Notice that when you perform one of the actions that affect the ending you will see a kind of quick glare on the screen, with a musical "touch" that underlines the moment. An example is shown in this video where we talk about the endings.

    We have other useful guides for this game, you can find them all in the tricks and guides tab of Metro Last Light.

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