Minecraft Dungeons - Guide to the 10 best tips to get started

Minecraft Dungeons - Guide to the 10 best tips to get started

Minecraft Dungeons has finally made its debut on the market, offering a new perspective on the pixelated universe Mojang Studios. You can find our review of the new work at the following link. We are talking about a somewhat simple-looking title, but which hides a considerable depth in its bowels, through a well-thought-out progression system and a series of challenges to complete with your character. To help you with the approach to Minecraft Dungeons we have compiled a list in random order containing the 10 best tips to start playing, let's see together what it is!

Minecraft Dungeons - Guide to the 10 best tips to get started

The Grinding is your friend

Leaving the classic Minecraft ecosystem, this time we find ourselves in a dungeon crawler, where it is necessary to "farm" and "grind" as in the classic game, but in a very different way. In this case the goal becomes to upgrade your level and equipment, in order to defeat increasingly fearsome enemies. To do this it is necessary finish missions upon missions, without ever stopping to get a level from time to time, which allows you to get better equipment and a greater amount of applicable spells.

Pay attention to the recommended levels

It happens in many video games the situation for which the recommended level is a simple decoy, as it is only useful to increase the hours of play without offering a really higher difficulty. Not the case with Minecraft Dungeons, as the recommended levels are more real than ever and to keep an eye on. It is still possible to face missions that are still not recommended, but this leads to confronting enemies of immeasurable power, who will put a spoke in the wheel at every possible opportunity, getting killed only after many hits and inflicting a large amount of damage to the player.

Try them all

Within Minecraft Dungeons there are different types of weapons, which can be found level by level. Don't be fooled by your basic preferences, e try the feeling of each of these first hand, choosing as long as possible the one you prefer most. However, it is also good to pay attention to the level of weapons and enchantments available, as based on the aforementioned procedural bonuses it could be convenient to take advantage of equipment that is not particularly appreciated, but essential in certain phases of the game.

Don't keep the emeralds

In-game currency is much less important than it may seem in the early stages. In the course of the dungeons you will find literally hundreds of emeralds, opening jars and defeating the various enemies, but conserving these resources is almost useless given their final purposes. The emeralds can in fact be used only for two merchants that you will meet at the base camp, one of which will be unlocked later in the story. The blacksmith will provide you most of the times useless items, while the new character will guarantee non-permanent bonuses, so it is good to use the emeralds without worrying about keeping any for the future given their scarce uses.

Minecraft Dungeons - Guide to the 10 best tips to get started

Use all spell points

Unlike emeralds, spell points are essential to your adventure, but don't be afraid to apply them to your equipment. Through the enchantments it is possible to vary the game formula, adding statistics and special effects to weapons and armor, and consequently becoming decidedly stronger based on the builds used for each situation. While you can imagine storing them for better items, holding them tight at the beginning of the adventure, luckily the developer has patented a system that will allow you not to worry about enchanting items. In fact, once disassembled, the equipment returns all spell points used, and you can then re-exploit the resources obtained on better items found later in the adventure.

Make use of every object

As already mentioned, the gameplay of Minecraft Dungeons is much deeper than it may seem at first glance, and it is for this reason that you will hardly be able to dominate the dungeons through the use of your weapons alone. Searching for is highly recommended artifacts that allow you to apply various effects, such as dragging enemies towards you with a fishing rod or talismans that can apply powerful effects as soon as they are used. Obviously try to vary this part of the equipment often, as with increasing levels the tools found will become stronger and more suitable for the new circumstances.

Keep your inventory clean

During the dungeons, as well as through the help of the blacksmith in the base camp, you will find a lot of equipment that is not useful at all, due to too low levels or build not suited to your style of play. In this case it is good to dismantle unnecessary items, which will be lost forever, but will allow you to keep your inventory clean and will always guarantee you emeralds after destruction, which can be used for the purposes listed above.

Handle your arrows well

When you enter more complex dungeons, you will find yourself facing real hordes of enemies, which if you rely only on your melee weapons will put a spoke in the wheels. We are talking about spellcasters who act from a distance, bosses that are difficult to intercept and large amounts of enemies. To find a solution to all this you can use ranged combat, taking advantage of your bow and the many arrows that you will find yourself collecting in a natural way during the levels. It should be noted that different types of bow are available within Minecraft Dungeons, and we therefore advise you to choose the one you prefer based on this, however, considering the essential levels of the equipment in question.

Minecraft Dungeons - Guide to the 10 best tips to get started

Beware of healing potions

Inside the dungeons you won't have many ways to heal yourself, but the healing potions provided in the equipment will always be with you. These allow you to regenerate a good amount of life for free, which will be essential in certain stages of the adventure. Always try to remember the presence of potions, as these recharge with the passage of time and if not used with the right intervals they will therefore be of little use. Don't waste them though, having a potion at the right time could save your life!

Never disable the map

As a last tip, we recommend that you perpetually play with the active map. Although this can be annoying for a few minutes, it takes little time to get used to it, in order to always keep an eye on all areas of the dungeon without being distracted by its presence. The developer has achieved this feature by applying an extreme opaque filter, and allowing you to look through it without the risk of not noticing enemies. However, remember not to stand there looking at it for long, the game can never be paused and the enemies will always make their advance towards you if you stop at the wrong time, whether you are in the menu or looking at the on-screen map.

We hope that our 10 tips for approaching Minecraft Dungeons have been useful to you. That said, we particularly want to refer you to our guides section, where you can find useful material on Minecraft Dungeons and many other titles.

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