Monster Hunter Rise - Guide on how to defeat the Great Izuchi

The highly anticipated Monster hunter rise is finally available for all Nintendo Switch owners - you can find our review of the game here - and brings with it tons of activities for all fans of the series and, of course, tons of fights. Among these there is certainly the clash with the Great Izuchi, a Wyvern Rapace introduced in this new chapter of the branded series Capcom and that will be able to give you a lot of trouble. In this guide we will therefore explain the easiest and fastest way to to defeat the Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise.

Before continuing with the reading of this Monster Hunter Rise guide on how to defeat the Great Izuchi, we remind you that the following text may contain major and minor spoilers on some of the gameplay mechanics related to the creature. We therefore advise you to proceed carefully to avoid ruining, totally or even partially, your gaming experience.

As anticipated, the Gran Izuchi is agile Wyvern Raptor which could cause some headaches, although with a little attention the combat turns out to be quite simple. Halfway between a Kulu Ya-Ku and a Nargacuga, the Great Izuchi possesses powerful rear legs, a devastating tail, which is its primary attack method, and menacing front claws.

One of the coolest mechanics of the Grand Izuchi is that it will rarely confront you from just: on the contrary, in fact, the creature will call his "cousins”Smaller ones, which will disturb you during the battle. Normally the animals that accompany you should take care of these minor creatures and that is why we advise you not to tackle the Gran Izuchi alone. In the latter case, quickly deal with the smaller enemies, before the Great Izuchi calls others.

Fortunately, the Grand Izuchi has only one move that can cause serious damage to the player. Most of the time in fact, the creature will jump around trying to hit you with a flying kick. The classic enemy charge has an rvery broad ange, but your Hunter will scream as the Grand Izuchi prepares the attack, making dodging extremely easy. It is also very easy to parry using a Spear, Shotgun Lance, or Charged Blade. The most effective method is therefore to dodge or parry the enemy's attacks, and attack him immediately after aiming at the forehead.

Therefore, weapons a long range, very difficult to use since the Great Izuchi continues to move throughout the fight. On the other hand, you too will have to be pretty fast and always on ccontinuous movement, so as to have an advantage over the enemy who, by following these little tips, can be defeated rather easily.

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