Nintendo Switch - Guide to Resolving Disconnection to Left Joy-Con

    Nintendo Switch - Guide to Resolving Disconnection to Left Joy-Con

    Your Left Joy-Con keeps disconnecting while you are enjoying a game on your beautiful Nintendo Switch? In this article we present a quick solution to solve the problem, which occasionally occurs on the famous hybrid console by Nintendo. Well it is true that the left Joy-Con, especially on the first Nintendo Switches, seems to have a certainly less reliable connection and sometimes this fact can really ruin the experience in games like Breath of the Wild.

    The Japanese company has already put the word on the issue in question on its website, particularly in the support section, however players have reported varying degrees of success and not everyone has arrived at an effective solution. Basically, it will be necessary to completely disconnect the Joy-Con controllers, Nintendo suggests in fact resynchronize them both. Below we list the steps to take:

    • Go to "System settings”On the Switch
    • Select "controller"And therefore"Sensors"
    • Scroll down and select "Disconnect controller"
    • Now just turn the switch off and on again while holding the power button
    • Synchronize the controllers again

    This quick process should fix any periodic problems de-synchronization with Joy-Con controllers. We encourage you to repeat the process if this occurs again. It is well known that the connection mode is done via Bluetooth 3.0, a rather old version regarding the famous data transmission standard for wireless personal networks.

    In addition to this, we also invite you to remember that the distance always plays a huge role in how Joy-Cons stay connected to each other - they should have a operating range about 30 feet, but that may not always be the case. Also, in case your beloved Nintendo Switch is next to a router or to a computer, be aware that this could cause problems. For best results, it is recommended to ensure that there is a clear unobstructed line between the two devices to the Switch console.

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