No Man's Sky: How to Increase Inventory Space [PS4 - PC]

No Man's Sky: How to Increase Inventory Space [PS4 - PC]


In this guide we see how to have more space in the inventory of No Man's Sky.

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Limited inventory space is probably one of the first management problems you'll have to solve while playing No Man's Sky. Between chemical elements and objects of various types, the stuff to collect and store is really a lot, while the slots to store them are very few, but you should know that it is possible to increase them considerably.

How to increase the inventory space of the suit

To add new spaces to the spacesuit inventory, all you have to do is find the landing pods which all contain a new slot for the suit inventory. These capsules can be found by exploring the surface of the planets, they are quite large and you will have no difficulty in identifying them with the naked eye if flown at low altitude, so keep your eyes always open when you move from one point to another.

Sometimes you will see the location of a landing pod marked directly on the screen, in which case jump right to the location and collect in a new slot. If this doesn't happen there is a method for obtaining the coordinates of the landing pods present on the planet where you are, is the one explained in the video below that I recommend you watch:

How to increase the space of the spaceship inventory

The spacecraft's inventory slots you own cannot be increased, but nothing will stop you from buy / find a new spaceship with a higher number of slots. To buy a new spaceship, interact with those of the aliens often present in space stations or outposts, so you will have the opportunity to spend your units to buy it, as long as you can afford it ... (by the way, you have read the guide with the tricks to earn infinite money in No Man's Sky?).

But if you want to save the money for other things, then you can take possession of the abandoned spaceships that are scattered over the planets. To find out how and where to find them, follow the Guide to find abandoned spaceships in No Man's Sky (FREE spaceships).

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