No Man's Sky: What is the goal of the game? [PS4 - PC]

No Man's Sky: What is the goal of the game? [PS4 - PC]


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What is the Game Goal in No Man's Sky ???

No Man's Sky's main goal is to keep traveling until you reach the center of the universe. As you probably already know, the game world is procedurally generated and completely random, so we can say that the way your adventure will unfold and what you will discover is not written anywhere.

Precisely because of this particular setting, however, each player can decide to indulge in the exploration of the various planets instead of aiming straight at the final goal and discovering what is hidden in the center of the universe.

According to the statements of the developers themselves, once you reach the center, new items and resources will be unlocked. The creator of the game Sean Murray, in fact, has stated that in reality reaching the center of the universe can turn into "a new beginning" for players who wish to continue exploring.

Whether you want to discover new planets, help other players, or engage in trade, the options seem endless.

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