Objective / Trophy guide "Giant stone step"

Lego Hobbit: Bonus Level Guide


A Lego game without its secret bonus level? No, it doesn't exist.

Objective / Trophy guide "Giant stone step"

Also in Lego: Hobbit the developers of the Lego series have continued the tradition of bonus level. This is a level that becomes accessible only after completing all 16 levels of the single player campaign (for more help follow the video walkthrough of Lego Hobbit).

To find the bonus level, in free mode go to the Middle-earth area and travel to Erebor where you will find the "Mountain of Solitude". Here you will have to climb the mountain until you reach the flag of the Stone Giant, which will allow you to enter the Bonus Level.

When you are inside, your only goal will be to destroy everything that comes within range in order to accumulate 1.000.000 tokens within 5 minutes (use the coin multipliers to do first, for more details see the cheats of Lego Hobbit). Remember that completing this level is also required to reach 100% completion of the game.

Follow the video below which shows everything we just said.

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