Objective / Trophy Guide "The collection"

Sniper Elite 3 Trading Cards Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Time Collectibles, Part 2! We find all the collectible cards of Sniper Elite 3

Objective / Trophy Guide "The collection"

To unlock this achievement in Sniper Elite 3 we will have to find 20 collectible cards. For these, as for all the other collectibles of the game that we will cover in separate guides (see the Sniper Elite 3 tricks and guides tab to find them all) we will always have the possibility to recover those lost by replaying the chapter in which we did not collect the collectible.

In each mission, in the menu, we will have a counter that shows how many collectibles we still lack in that chapter. When we find a collectible it will be saved automatically and immediately, so it will not be necessary to reach the next checkpoint. Each time we find one, a message on the screen will confirm the progress.

Below is a video showing where all the Sniper Elite 3 trading cards are located. Good luck!

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