One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 Trophy Guide [Platinum PS3]

    One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 Trophy Guide [Platinum PS3]

    One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 Trophy Guide [Platinum PS3]


    Here is the complete solution to unlock all One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 Trophies. In this guide, the tips from to unlock all achievements and reach Platinum on Playstation 3.


    - A new adventure is about to begin!
    You completed the first episode.
    Start a new game at the difficulty level you want and complete the first episode to unlock the trophy.

    - All my skills are ... evolving.
    You performed a style action for the first time.
    Easy to unlock trophy; as soon as a level begins, as the style action meter will always be full, immediately press R1, to perform the required move and unlock the result.

    - Thanks! I owe you a favor!
    You performed the crew hit for the first time.
    In order to perform a crew shot, you must select a battle consisting of at least 2 participants per team; selecting a normal battle from the game menu, you will then have to choose to fight together with your computer controlled helper.
    As soon as the match has begun, you should see a bar that fills slowly next to your partner, which is used to perform the crew hit; when it is totally full, press O and perform the move required to unlock the trophy.

    - From here on there is the New World!
    You have completed the prologue.
    Start a new game at the difficulty level you want and complete the prologue to unlock the trophy.

    - Now it's my turn!
    You have completed the second chapter.
    Start a new game at the difficulty level you want and complete the second episode to unlock the trophy.

    - I'm taking back my allies taken prisoner!
    You have completed the third chapter.
    Start a new game at the difficulty level you want and complete the third episode to unlock the trophy.

    - Join my crew!
    You have assembled 10 or more allies.
    For more help, refer to the "Let's go on an adventure together!" Trophy.

    - Look at this nice booty!
    Collected all secret coins in every main episode.
    See suggestions for the Trophy "All the treasures of the world are mine"

    - I'll just get stronger.
    Earned your first skill.
    For more help, please refer to the "You can count on me!" Trophy.

    - My strength has increased!
    Obtained 10 skills.
    For more help, please refer to the "You can count on me!" Trophy.

    - Yay! I've done it!
    Got your first coin.
    This trophy will automatically unlock if you have a One Piece: Pirate Warriors 1 save on your console, alternatively, if you don't have it, earn your first coins after completing your first level.

    - There are probably many others.
    Collected 100 or more different coins.
    For more help, please refer to the "Wow! This is amazing!" Trophy.

    - Spendaccione!
    You have spent a total of 100.000 or more berries at the berry shop.
    For more help, please refer to the "I think I'll buy the world!" Trophy.
    - Like some kind of legendary monster!
    You have defeated 10.000 or more enemies in total with special attacks.
    Use special attacks by pressing or holding O, when at least 3 special bars are full, using only 2.
    To unlock this trophy it is recommended to use a very strong character or one with whom you are comfortable, among the best available are Hancock, Enel, or Whitebeard, since their special moves will be many and very varied, in particular the last one. listed, as one of his special bars actually equates to Whitebeard's 2, so if you get the chance, use it and you won't have any problems.

    - Thing?! I missed it!
    You dodged an enemy style action attack.
    While fighting an enemy of the rank of captain, commander or boss, go into Style Action mode and dodge his attack.

    - Come with me!
    Completed 5 scenarios with 5 different characters.
    See suggestions for the result "He already has many amazing allies"

    - I have enormous power!
    Completed 5 scenarios with 10 different characters.
    See suggestions for the result "He already has many amazing allies"

    - He already has so many amazing allies.
    Completed 5 scenarios with 20 different characters.
    Characters unlock as you progress through the game. See the guide to unlockable characters for more details.

    - I found something rare.
    Obtained your first secret coin.
    The secret coins are found in all levels, you will have no difficulty in finding at least one for this achievement.

    - Hides a terrible power!
    Obtained your first Skill Book.
    You will unlock this trophy without even realizing it, as you will get it almost immediately; after completing an episode in which certain coins belonging to a respective skill are obtained, it will activate a screen on the known skills; enter it and you will get the result.

    - I want to eat some meat!
    Collected 100 or more giant meats.
    As per the description, you will unlock this trophy without even realizing it, since all you have to do is collect those big pieces of meat that most of the time will fall from the strongest bosses or alternatively will be hidden in some crate scattered around the map .

    - Incredible power ...!
    Stunned enemies 1.000 times.
    You will know that you have stunned an enemy when a yellow icon in the shape of a lightning bolt appears above your enemy's head, stuning an opponent is not easy, because if you hit them too soon after they could die, moreover common enemies cannot be stunned, but only the various bosses, commanders etc. also equipping the ability to stun an enemy to make it easier to unlock the result.

    - Luffy's true allies ...
    Defeated 10.000 enemies with one crew hit.
    The procedure to be performed is the same for the trophy "Thank you! I owe you a favor!", Only here the enemies to beat are 10.000, but you will have no problems, just a little time before reaching the required number of enemies. .
    To perform the crew hit you will have to select your character and then choose an ally in the pre-game menu. Aokiji is a good choice, the crew combo with him is very effective.

    - Victory is mine!
    Got the normal ending.
    It is the ending that you will get simply by completing the game. Follow the TRUE ending guide for more help.

    - There is only room for a pirate king!
    Completed all Challenge Scenarios.
    To unlock this achievement, you will have to complete only 2 challenges, but very difficult if you do not have the right characters, or at a level that makes this trophy easy to obtain.
    The first challenge will be level 25 and, if you use a character that exceeds at least level 50, completing it will be really easy, the second challenge will be level 50 and your character must necessarily be at level 100, otherwise exceeding it will be almost impossible.
    In this last challenge you will have to face 4 bosses 2 times, in the first battle you will fight against Ace and Crocodile, in the second battle the couple will be Akainu & Kizaru, in the third fight the third couple is composed of Aokiji and Smoker, and the final couple will be Blackbeard & Enel.
    Before starting the unlocking of the result, while you are about to launch into the fight, it is advisable to equip at least the style action, by going to the skill set menu and choosing the one available.

    - Let's go on an adventure together!
    You have assembled 30 or more allies.
    To unlock this trophy you will need to unlock 30 of the 57 characters available within the game; they are unlocked by completing the main storyline or by playing the episodes of the protagonist you want to unlock. See the guide to unlockable characters for more details.

    - All the treasures of the world are mine!
    Obtained all secret coins.
    Work in progress

    - I'm ready for the first floor.
    You have unlocked all the movies in the gallery.
    You can buy all the required films in Berry's shop; once you have met the requirements to unlock the video, go to it and buy the movie, once all the movies have been unlocked the trophy will be unlocked.

    - We ... know everything ...
    You have unlocked all of the gallery content.
    The gallery has 7 categories: Character Profile, Story, Film, Music, Treasure, Crew and Beli's Shop; to unlock the result you will need to purchase all the items related to all the categories listed.
    Some items will be unlocked by completing levels or successfully passing specific requests.

    - You can count on me!
    Obtained 20 skills.
    During the course of the game you will be able to learn the required skills, expanding your move park and if by chance you have not reached the 20 required skills, if you have coins to spend you can easily buy the ones you need to achieve the result.

    - Wow! It's incredible!
    Collected 250 or more different coins.
    You will almost certainly unlock this trophy without even realizing it, because the coins to be collected are only 250 out of 540, you can still get secret coins by completing the levels, beating the bosses and finding them in the chests.

    - Bring another thousand!
    You have defeated more than 100.000 enemies in total.
    As with the coin-related trophy, this one is also easier to obtain, so you will unlock it without any problems, without even realizing it.
    The maps are very large, so they can accommodate many enemies, on average per level you will be able to make almost 1.000 kills, you just need a little patience to get to the required number.

    - With this I can buy a lot of meat!
    Collected a total of 100.000.000 Berries.
    The very large amount to be obtained may take a long time to reach, but know that you can earn the berries in all possible ways, but the most fruitful method is to successfully complete many high difficulty battles, so that you can speed up the game. obtaining the required amount.

    - It's good to do business!
    You have spent a total of 10.000.000 or more on berry at the berry shop.
    For more help, please refer to the "I think I'll buy the world!" Trophy.

    - I think I'll buy the world!
    You have spent a total of 100.000.000 or more on berry at the berry shop.
    After collecting the trophies related to the accumulation of money, now you will have to spend them all, but luckily there are many things to buy inside the shop, from skills to leveling up the characters, you will have no problem returning to 0 berry .

    - I'm getting excited!
    Defeated 500 enemies with style actions.
    You need to rack up 500 knockouts by killing enemies with style actions.
    It actually looks harder than it really is, but it has to be said that the 500 kills must be done at once, so this result is not cumulative.
    Select any episode, perhaps the first mission of the prologue, setting the difficulty to easy and you can do it without problems.
    It is advisable to try unlocking with a high level character, or one that you know very well.
    During the prologue level, for example, the map will be full of elements that can recharge your style bar (which must never completely run out), allowing you to continue with the required kills.
    And if you still have trouble choosing your skill set there is a skill that makes your style action indicator more durable, thus allowing you to make more moves.

    - The pirate king is the freest person on all seas!
    You got the real ending.
    For more help, follow the guide to the TRUE ending.

    - You are all my family ...
    Completed all crew episodes.
    The description practically sums it up, but in reality to fully unlock the trophy it is necessary to obtain an S rank in all the episodes and the game difficulty must be the highest if you want to get the other results, unlocking platinum.
    Therefore, it is advisable to start the game already at the maximum level, with a little skill you should get the required rank already the first time, avoiding repeating the fights to complete the other results.

    - People's dreams never die!
    Completed all episodes on the highest difficulty level.
    The maximum difficulty level is unlocked only after completing the Final Chapter (secret). The latter is unlocked after watching the TRUE ending of the game (follow the guide to the best ending for more details). So, get to the TRUE ending, play the Final chapter, then replay all the episodes on the maximum difficulty level to get this Trophy.

    - Become the best!
    Collected all trophies!

    Thanks for reading, I hope I have been helpful.
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