Persona 5 Strikers - Guide to the best Persona in the game and how to get them

    Persona 5 Strikers - Guide to the best Persona in the game and how to get them

    After a long and somewhat tiring wait, Persona 5 Strikers has finally arrived in the shops of the western videogame market - in case you are interested, here you will find our dedicated review -, and for the occasion we have decided to help you better understand which are the strongest Personas and which are the mergers needed to get them in-game. For those who do not know them, Personas are supernatural beings who will put their power at the service of their "master". While a phantom thief can normally only control one, the situation is different with Joker, as his mask can contain multiple Persona souls at the same time. Precisely for this reason, having Personas always ready and powerful is the best solution to better manage every situation, and this is only possible through the mergers in the Velvet Room.

    Here is the complete list with the name of the Person concerned first, followed by the Person useful for the respective creation:

    • Yoshitune: Siegfried, Arahabaki, Okuninushi, Yatagarasu.
    • Seth: Mitra, Koppa Tengu.
    • Mara: Yoshitune, Alice.
    • Black Frost: Jack o 'Lantern, Jack Frost, King Frost.
    • Thor: Trumpeter, Nebiros.
    • Norn: Mitra, Mithra.
    • Time: Cerberus, Forneus.
    • Word: Bugbear, Fortuna.
    • Metatron: Archangel, Principality, Trumpeter, Dominion.
    • Alice: Nebiros, Lilith, Bugbear, Dominion.
    • Lucifer: Black Frost, Mara, Metatron, Alice, Yoshitsune.

    These are all the Personas that we recommend you get as soon as possible, as they are also the strongest of all those present in Persona 5 Strikers. Some will be useful to create even stronger Persona, but once you have registered them you will have the possibility to recreate them in any occasion they prove useful for your needs, all obviously spending a good amount of money. We also remind you that if you need more help to better deal with your favorite titles, we have an entire section dedicated to guides updated with all the titles of the moment.

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