Pikmin 3: Guide to the Finals and Best Final [Wii U]

Pikmin 3: Guide to the Finals and Best Final [Wii U]


In its own small way (it really needs to be said) Pikmin 3 manages to offer us gamers avid of epilogues, even alternative endings on the history of the game. After seeing the complete walkthrough of the story, let's then see what the endings are and what needs to be done for see the best ending of Pikmin 3.

The concept is quite simple: the greater the amount of fruit collected during the various levels, the better the final sequence that will start at the end of the game. Consequently we have:

Bad ending: obtained by collecting a small amount of fruit during the story mode

Good / Normal ending: obtained by collecting most (but not all) of the fruit during the story mode.

Best Final: obtained by collecting 100% fruit during the story mode.

Just to avoid losing sleep at night, it is important to point out that the difference between the good ending and the best one consists of a completely different text for the narrator's voice and even slightly longer (about 1 minute longer).

Finally, if you have already finished the game and you are a compulsive ending maniac, below I propose a video that shows the best ending of the game. Of course, it contains SPOILERS !!!!!



Best final video Pikmin 3


And while we're at it, always to satisfy the HOTTEST desires of readers, let's also look at the worst ending ....

And mo? Did you really think I would leave you in the middle, like Holy Thursday? Here is also the Good ending, not really bad, but not the best one, in short.

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