Play as Killer Whale

GTA 5 Playable Animals Guide: Transforming Into Killer Whale [PS4 - Xbox One]


Here's how to "play like animals" in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Play as Killer Whale

Surely you already know that one of the innovations introduced in the remastered version of GTA 5 per Xbox One e PS4 consists in the possibility of play in the form of different animals.

To do this, just find and take on a particular plant, named after it Peyote, which is found at particular points on the map. In the following video you can see where the Peyote plant is located which will make you transform into one killer orca, which will also give you the ability to attack anyone at sea.

For all other guides, including those to transform into other animals, don't forget to check out the tricks and guides tab of Grand Theft Auto V.

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