Pokemon GO: faction guide, which team to choose?

Pokemon GO: faction guide, which team to choose?


In this guide we see in detail how factions work in Pokemon GO.

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Playing Pokemon GO at a certain point in the game (precisely when you reach level 5) you will have to choose the faction (or team) of which you will become part.

In Pokemon GO there are 3 different factions which are:

  • yellow: the instinct faction, led by coach Spark.
  • Blue: the faction of WISDOM, led by coach Blanche
  • red: the COURAGE faction, led by coach Candela

The important thing to know is that the choice of faction has no impact on gameplay. Regardless of which one you choose, in fact, you will always find the same Pokemon and you will not notice any difference compared to other players who have chosen a team different from yours.

But then, what are the factions for?

Teams primarily serve a create alliances and rivalries in controlling gyms. As we have already mentioned in the guide on how the Pokemon GO Gyms work, each player can conquer new gyms for his faction which can then be used by the members of the faction to train their Pokemon.

Taking a practical example: if you have a friend who by playing Pokemon GO conquers a gym that is near your home, if you are of the same faction as your friend you can use that gym for training, and you can fight together with him to defend it. from attacks from other factions. If, on the other hand, you are part of a different faction from that of your friend then you will not be able to use that gym, or you will have to decide to attack it and maybe find yourself fighting against one of your friend's Pokemon. A big difference in short ...

Which faction to choose?

From what has been said so far, it is clear that, if you don't have friends or relatives playing Pokemon GO (which is practically impossible), the chosen team cannot make any difference for you. On the contrary, you will have to decide whether to join the same team as your friends or an opposing team, thus finding yourself fighting alongside them in the first case or against them in the second.

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