Project Cars Trophies / Achievements Guide [Platinum PS4 - 1000G Xbox One]

Project Cars Trophies / Achievements Guide [Platinum PS4 - 1000G Xbox One]


Here is the complete solution to unlock all Project Cars Trophies and Achievements. In this guide, the tips from to unlock all achievements and reach Platinum on Playstation 4 or 1000G on Xbox One.

Completion status of the guide: Aids are currently available for all Gold and Silver trophies (at the bottom of the guide) and some bronze. The rest of the results will be completed shortly.

Filthy rich
You have signed 8 advertising contracts
You have received 12 invitations
Keep playing and you should get it without any problems. It seems that the amount of invitations you receive depends somewhat on your rankings in the races, the better your performance the more invitations you will receive, so get busy.
You have completed Free Practice, Qualification and Race Sessions in every round of the Career Championship
Not as daunting as it may seem at first reading of the description. Immediately after finishing the first season in Tier 8 (Kart) you will be invited to a race at Brands Hatch (it seems that the invitation depends on your achievements in the season, so commit to winning as many races as possible) in which you will have the chance to take part in Free Practice, Qualifying and Race. Do all three and you will have this result.
Double rainbow
You have won the same Career Championship for two consecutive years
Nothing to add here, you will have to win the same championship for two years in a row in your career.
We are a team
You have won a team championship for two consecutive years
You have to win the Team Championship for two years in a row, competing with the same team and in the same category of cars. Get busy because teammates don't usually make great results, so the bulk of the work is up to you.
Balla il twerk
You have won your first prize
No problem here, you will get your first prize when you win a championship.
Taylor would be proud
You have won 22 awards
Full mailbox
You have received more than 500 messages from your fans
Confusion reigns over this result. It is not clear if only the e-mail or even the messages in the fanzone count and even in this case it seems that the counter of the game is not very accurate. Some report having unlocked it in the 11th season, others have reached the XNUMXth without unlocking it. There is nothing to do but keep playing.
A love of motor
You have won over 50 events with your custom car
If you want to do it very quickly and unlock the "Field Factor" result together with it, do exactly as shown in the video
Towards affinity and beyond
Achieved 50% greater Affinity across all car classes
It means that you must have won more than 50% of the races run in all car classes. For example, if you have done 10 races in a class and won 6 for that class you are OK. If you are just starting it is then very easy, just win the first race in each class. Otherwise you can use another method that works is this: starting from pole position you skip directly to the end of the session as soon as the lights come on and before they turn green. Keep repeating until you get the number of wins you need in each class.
Field factor
You have won over 20 events in your favorite venue
If you want to do it very quickly and unlock the result "A love of motor" and "Selfie" together with this, do exactly as shown in the video
You took a photo of your custom car in your favorite place
If you want to do it very quickly and unlock the result "A love of motor" and "Field factor" together with this, do exactly as shown in the video
Half pilot, half demon

You drove over 333km / h for over 6,66 consecutive seconds
Recommended circuit for this achievement (played in Free Practice mode):
Circuit: Nordschleife
Car: Mclaren F1 (DLC) or Mclaren P1 (thanks to NMANOZ)
Condition track: Clear
See also the video

Pit boss
You have created and saved a box strategy
You can create and save a strategy both in the pre-race and when you go to the pits during the race. Make one and save it.
Ready Steady…
You have a reaction time of less than 0,2 sec. starting from the starting grid
Grazing flight
You entered and exited the pit lane without losing positions (you can't be last)
Keep Calm ... and keep running
You won the race after a crash before or during the opening corner
My little friend
You passed a car using Formula A KERS
Grand Slam
You won a race by getting pole position, setting the fastest lap and finishing first on every lap
Emergency stop
You braked from 100 to 0 km / h within 2 seconds
The roads are useless
You kept all four wheels suspended in the air for more than 0,88 sec.
Don't you smell a weird smell?
You have overheated the brakes to a temperature of 1000 ° C
On your left
You have lapped an opponent in a race
A glass of water
Completed a reverse and cockpit view lap of the Azure Circuit without a crash in Quick Race Weekend
Won a Quick Race Weekend with actual damage, mechanical issues and tire wear (5 or more laps)
Sunday driver
You drove a Spanish car respecting the speed limit (50 km / h) while admiring the Azure Coast
You can do it very quickly: choose the Azure Coast track and a Spanish car. Set the manual gearbox and activate all penalties. As soon as the red lights come on, put the first gear and leave to be disqualified for false start, just be careful not to exceed 50 km / h in the initial sprint. You will immediately unlock the result as shown in the video
To the east and then to the south
You covered the California Highway in less than 9 min. on an American car
Recognize the merits
You ran into the AI ​​counterpart of an SMS employee
Player 1 against the world
You have entered more than 25 online races and completed them
It explains itself, you don't need to win but just complete the online races. Keep in mind that, as reported by several users, the result is a bit buggy. From the description, 26 completed races should be enough to unlock it, but some say they have unlocked it, for example, at 31 races, others at 29. So keep playing, overcome the 25 races sooner or later you will unlock it.
Smooth as oil
Won three online public races in a row without being involved in serious confrontations
Perfect painting
You have avoided serious fights in 50% of online races on a minimum of 3 races
Super fast car
You have set a time for pole position in an online public qualifying session
Ghost hunter
Beat a ghost from the Time Trial leaderboards
Community Ambassador
You have participated in 20 Community Events of the Driver Network
Veni Vidi Vici
You have won every race in a Career Championship
The only advice that can be given here is to lower the difficulty of the opponents, which will not prevent you from unlocking the result. Then win ALL the races in the championship.
Long live consistency
You completed three consecutive laps with a maximum difference of 0,1 seconds
It can be done in simulation mode. Start a race on one of the shorter tracks (Glencairn West for example), take a Kart, set up a single opponent and 5 laps. Get to first position and then simulate the rest of the race. Alternatively, do as in the video
Twenty-four hours straight
You finished a 24-hour race with real-time progression (did you stream it ?!)
You have stood on the podium more than 50 times in online public races
Just one friend is enough to boost it, the important thing is to leave the room as a Public. Choose the shortest track (Glencairn West), go with the karts and set only one lap and the flags and penalties to OFF so you won't have any problems. Invite your friend and get started right away so that no one else joins the game. You can start even before the lights are green (penalties are off) and it will take you less than half a minute to finish the race. Then start a new race until you get to 50.
I'm 5%
Won an online public race with pro handling, manual shifting, unassisted driving and cockpit view
This result is really special because, except for a particular "work around" that we will see later on how to put it into practice, it can ONLY be unlocked if at the beginning of the game you have chosen to use PRO maneuverability (for this reason they have brilliantly called it "only 5 % ", because 95% of players avoid using the PRO settings. With this premise, let's see how to unlock the result:

If you chose pro maneuverability early in the game
In this case, just create an online race, set the manual gearbox, remove the driving aids and force the cockpit view. Win the race to unlock the trophy / achievement. 

If you did NOT choose pro maneuverability at the start of the game
Then you too are in 95% and there is no way to unlock this result except by deleting the saves from the console to start a new game (this time choose PRO maneuverability) and do as described in the previous point. Do not worry, the undersigned asks you to delete your hard-earned game progress, but remember that you can always make a backup of the saves in the cloud of the console (in this case remember not to synchronize the saves of the new game in the cloud, otherwise those are overwritten which instead you have to keep) or, choice that I recommend, you can copy your saves on a USB stick. After you unlock the trophy, you can reload your backed up saves and revert to your previous progress. Watch the video
Record wizard
Established a time in 50 places (no changes and reverse tracking needed)
Don't worry about this trophy, just keep playing and it will come on its own without a problem.
From rags to riches
Won the LMP1 World Championship within ten seasons
To unlock this achievement you need to start from Tier 8, that is, from the Karts. It's not that difficult or long, the recommended route to do first is:
Kart One -> Superkarts -> LMP3 -> LMP2 -> LMP1
You can also skip the invitational events and still get the result.
Reigning champion
You have defended a Career Championship for three consecutive years
To unlock this trophy you will essentially have to win a Career Championship for 4 years in a row, in this way you will have defended it for three consecutive years. The championships must be at least Tier 2 so your choice will have to fall back on Formula A, LMP1, LMP2 or Endurance.
Three crowns
You have won three Career Championships in three different motorsport disciplines
It is not specified, but they must be three championships of the three highest levels, that is three of these:
Tier 3: Formula B, GT3, LMP3
Tier 2: Formula A, Endurance, LMP2
Tier 1: LMP1
so you have to win the LMP3, LMP2 and LMP1 championships
Hall of Fame
Completed three Quests and became a Racing Legend!
To get this trophy / achievement you need to unlock the "Three Crowns", "Reigning Champion" and "From rags to riches" trophies. In addition, it is also necessary to win 16 gold prizes which translates into the signing of 8 advertising contracts (for this last part, refer to the result "Rich smashed".

Collected all trophies

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