Red Dead Redemption 2: how to upgrade Dutch's house

Although for some it was almost automatic, it seems that for many players of the masterpiece Red Dead Redemption 2 have not yet been able to upgrade to Dutch accommodation. On the other hand, this is one of the essential parts for your games, and it is recommended to carry out this upgrade as soon as possible. This is because, as you will experience, the gang members will contribute more money to the camp. In this very short guide, we explain how to make this upgrade.

To do this, players will first need to have access to the Ledger. You can find it near the donation box in the camp, near Dutch's tent. However, this is not a straightforward process, and there is one small thing to take care of first: to have access to the Ledger, you will need to have completed the mission of Leopald Strauss denominated - translated from English - "Money Lending and Other Sins - III".

Until this mission has been completed, access to it will be barred, but once you have fulfilled this task, you will have the road completely cleared!

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