Resident Evil 6 - How to earn infinite skill points

    Resident Evil 6 - How to earn infinite skill points

    Resident Evil 6 - How to earn infinite skill points


    In Resident Evil 6 i skill points they play a very important role. Not only will they serve you to enhance the character's abilities and make him level up, but they will also be very useful for you to upgrade weapons and even get to have infinite ammunition as explained in a previous guide.

    In Resident Evil 6 XP is normally earned by playing, but in this guide we see a couple of ways to earn these experience points quickly and in large quantities.


    Method 1: online co-op with a friend

    • By following this method it is possible to do 18.000 points skill per lap. Each ride should take between 9 and 13 minutes approximately. This method requires you to be online and play with a friend, but only one of them will earn points, so take turns.
    • Load Chris's Campaign and start Chapter 3. You'll have to get to a late point in Chapter 3, when Ada locks you in a room and you're forced to survive against the neo-Umbrella robots. It is also possible to reach the same area halfway through chapter 4 of Leon's campaign.
    • Before you enter the game, your friend must reach the checkpoint that is before hitting the laser. Wait to join until he reaches that checkpoint.
    • You will find crates after the escape from the lasers and after the elevator. To get to the room with the crates, you'll have to go through the lasers quickly to beat the AI ​​for the elevator. If not, continue to the robotic prototype room where you'll be able to collect the crates with skill points in the next room.
    • In the room, do your usual thing - shoot the prototypes while your friend hacks the console until the door unlocks. Make sure you complete the hack quickly and make sure your partner doesn't get blocked from entering the reward room. In the next room, open all three chests before leaving the room and continuing.
    • After collecting the treasure, your partner must leave the game. He will restart from the previous checkpoint, the one before the lasers, and obviously he will lose the loot he collected. Meanwhile you continue to the save point after the next cutscene. After the scene and the save point, exit and re-enter your friend's game to repeat the process over and over again as many times as you want. It is evident that you have kept the skill points earned since you came to the rescue before exiting, while your friend did not, so alternate and do a few times to allow your friend to earn skill points as well.

    This process is shown in this video


    Method 2: when playing alone
    This is a method that will earn you a little less XP than the previous one, but you can do it yourself offline.

    • By following this method you should be able to do it 5.000 skill points per turn. Each ride should take only about 6 minutes.
    • Load up Leon's campaign and start Chapter 4. Grab the Magnum and ammo, they should be enough to complete the round.
    • Fix the first enemy, then pass the cutscene and reach the back of the ship, where you can find 5000 skill points.
    • Exit through the door, use the valve, open and pull the hatch, then fix the remaining enemies.
    • Keep fighting with the enemies until you reach the checkpoint to save. Now go out, reload the chapter and repeat the round as many times as you want.


    Method 3: Infinite Crossbow Ammo

    We want to thank you Alessio for his contribution on our facebook page

    Complete the campaign with each character. Doing so will unlock the infinite ammo for each weapon, at this point you buy the unlimited ammo of the crossbow at a cost of 79.000 AP. Now load ADA WONG Chapter 2 and complete it all by killing ALL the enemies. It will take you about 42 minutes but in return you will earn 46.000 / 49.000 PA per round. A little patience and the goal will be yours.

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