Resident Evil Village - Played the Maiden demo on PlayStation 5

The conference dedicated to Resident evil village of 21 January showed us a lot of news on the new license plate work Capcom, including also the gameplay that have deepened the still mysterious game mechanics (which we talked about in this article). As if that weren't enough, like a bolt from the blue the game received a very soon release date, as well as a surprise demo already available exclusively on PlayStation 5. These are some rather short playful sections, which, however, in a matter of minutes are able to fully convey the terrifying atmospheres that Resident Evil Village will propose in its debut. We tried the demo on the new flagship of the house Sony, and between mysteries - and analogies with what happened for the launch of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - we want to tell you in depth about this horror experience.

A new haunted place

The short “visual demonstration” of the new chapter takes place in one casa haunted, which we have already had the opportunity to admire in the trailers. After waking up in a prison, the unknown protagonist tries to escape from the place, obviously without missing paranormal phenomena and disturbing presences to accompany him during this journey full of hope and fear. With some flashes of enigma and playful sections just mentioned, currently the game does not allow you to fully experience the potential of the combat system and of the other mechanics that we will see in the complete production. However, this served to introduce us to a terrifying adventure, which seems to evolve to the maximum the merits of Resident Evil 7 and its first-person view, apparently passed with this chapter from revolutionary for the series, to Capcom standards.

Not being able to test all the features of the work, there remains only the possibility of walk at the mercy of the surrounding dangers, which do not miss an opportunity to be heard with extremely accurate and exciting audio, at least for the PlayStation 5 version tested. What is most surprising about the demo - in addition to the thousands of mysteries and characters that will receive attention in Resident Evil Village - is a really jaw-breaking graphic sector, which without loss of framerate allows you to enjoy with infinite details the atmospheres included in this short visual demonstration. Every single frame of this demo shows how Capcom's RE Engine has fully matured, as well as ready to offer us several graphically captivating works on the next-gen.

Resident Evil Village is ready to scare us

Although there are practically no jumpscare, the Maiden demo introduces atmospheres that really leave you with bated breath, managing to surpass without a doubt those of the house of Baker of the last chapter. From the accurate plays of light that seem to hide lurking dangers in every corner, to the enigmas that, however harmless, have the area of ​​concealing terrifying events, exploring these short sections was truly superb. Unfortunately, unlike the demo of the last chapter, no particular mysteries seem to be hidden in the game sections, as not much is left pending once the adventure is over, except for some doors that cannot be opened.

According to what we have seen, it is really difficult that the events of this short story connect in any way to the debut of Resident Evil Village, as they only serve as a trailblazer for some of its qualities. However, as confirmed, we will see a non-exclusive demo for PlayStation 5 in a few months, which could add content to the current one or let us experiment with new possibilities before the game's debut. We are obviously waiting to find out what awaits us before the saga continues, thanks to some characters that we can't wait to deepen after the short - and terrible - moments in which they were the protagonists of the scene during Maiden.

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