"Return of the Dead" quest puzzle solution

    Puzzle Guide "Return of the Dead" DLC Dead Kings Assassin's Creed Unity


    If you have difficulty with the puzzles / riddles encountered in the Dead kings DLC of Assassin's Creed Unity, you have found the guide for you.

    "Return of the Dead" quest puzzle solution

    During the "Return of the Dead" Mission, Memory 4 of Sequence 13, Arno will enter the Crypt and will have to solve 3 environmental puzzles in 3 different rooms. In the following video you can see the exact solution of these puzzles.

    Still talking about puzzles and riddles present in this DLC, remember to consult the Assassin's Creed Unity cheats and guides tab, where in addition to all the other guides dedicated to the game you will find the solving the puzzles of Suger's legacy and the of"Crown of Thorns" mission puzzle relative al DLC.

    Here is the video with the guide to solving the puzzles in the three rooms in Memory 4 of Sequence 13.

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