Saints Row IV (4): how to see the best ending [360-PS3-PC]

Saints Row IV (4): how to see the best ending [360-PS3-PC]


You have already finished Saints Row IV? If the answer is NO, I invite you to immediately click on the link on the right to open the Saints Row 4 cheats and guides tab where you will find other guides more suitable for you on this game. This, for the moment, forget it because (the title should have made you suspicious at least a little) contains SPOILERS and previews on the plot that you certainly do not want to know in advance

If the answer to my question is YES, let me first exclaim "sti cocks!". Have you already finished the game? Well it's time to talk about the alternate ending, better ending, secret ending or whatever the hell you like.


To be precise (almost fussy, I would say) Saints Row 4 contiene 3 finali: one is a "Fake" ending that you will get more or less when you are at a third of the campaign, the other is the "Standard" ending that starts when you complete the Single Campaign and finally there is the "Secret" ending.

The secret ending of Saints Row IV it's also the best ending in the game, and features a longer, cooler ending cutscene than what you see in the ending Standard.

To see the best ending you have two options:

1) Sit back and watch the video at the end of the article (also called "nunc'hovogliodi-re-play).

2) You start playing with the commitment to complete all loyalty missions of your friends BEFORE playing the Grand Finale mission. Only in this way will you see the best ending of Saints Row 4 and unlock the Trophy / Achievement "Reason and Saintsimento". If you need help, all you have to do is consult the guide to complete all the Loyalty missions.

As promised, for the true lazy, here is the footage of the battle with the last boss + the secret ending of the game

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