Scan all enemies

Resident Evil Revelations HD: Enemy Scans Guide [Research Complete]


How to unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Search completed" di Resident Evil Revelations HD.

Scan all enemies

In a previous guide dedicated to fingerprint scans we saw how to use the scanner in Resident Evil Revelations for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC to unlock three game achievements.

The same scanner should also be used to archive scans of all types of enemies in the game, a feat that will yield you two Objectives / Trophies:

Researcher【CAMPAIGN】 Scan an enemy for the first time.
Search completed【CAMPAIGN】 Scan all enemies.

The scanner must be used in the same way, ie point with + his 360 / + on PS3 and put the target in the center.

Below is the list of all types of enemies to scan. As you can see most have to be scanned from the dead, while others offer more alternatives. Remember that when you go through doors or stray too far from a dead enemy's body it will dissolve, so scan as soon as you kill the enemies. Some types of enemies are not often found in the game, so scan them all at the earliest opportunity. Here's the list, good luck.

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  • Globster (Beach blob) - scan before or after death
  • Ooze - scan before or after death
  • Pincer (Spikey Ooze) - crawling before or after death
  • Tricorne (Projectile Ooze) - scan before or after death
  • Fenrir (Dog) - can be scanned alive or while dissolving
  • Fenrir Alpha (Large, Black Dog) - can be scanned alive or as it dissolves
  • Hunter - crawls as it dissolves
  • Farfarello (Super / Invisible Hunter) - crawls as it fades
  • Wall Blister - scan before death
  • Ghiozzo (Infected Fish) - Scannable underwater
  • Sea Creeper (Infected Stingray) - crawling underwater
  • Scagdead - scan before or after death
  • Chunk (Exploding Ooze) - scan before death
  • Scarmiglione - scan before death
  • Scarmiglione (lower half only) - scan after explosion
  • Infected Comms Officer (Boss) - Scan during the fight or after death
  • Infected Rachael (Boss) - scan after death
  • Draghignazzo (Boss) - scan before or after death
  • Wormtail / Abyss Monster Phase 1 (Boss) - Scan one of the tentacles in the first part of the fight
  • Infected Norman / Ultimate Abyss (Boss) - scan before death

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