Sony XH90 - Review of the TV in its 65-inch version

The new consoles are now among us and, having raised the technical bar related to gaming a little, they have generated a new one need in terms of TV. This means that, in order to be able to express the maximum potential of the new machines, many companies have started to come up with devices of the highest level capable of showing the much coveted 120 Hz, as well as technologies such as the VRR and the already widespread HDR. For the occasion we tried a Sony XH90 65-inch, a dimension that we really liked and that allowed us to test the TV through various methods of use.

Sony XH90 design and features

From the aesthetic point of view TV frame is very thin and minimal: the black color makes it almost absent, leading the viewer to forget it, while the thinness of the profile gives the product a slender shape. The aluminum profile could perhaps break the “flying” magic of the TV, which with the lights off seems suspended in the air (really interesting effect). To maintain the panel there are two very resistant metal feet, which can be inserted inside two of the four slots present, so as to present a "narrow" option and a "wide" option (convenient for having more options for positioning the TV on any piece of furniture).

The panel mounted, a LCD with resolution 4K , uses a type of Full Array LED backlight which manages to replicate, although not perfectly, the deep blacks and high contrast seen in OLED: to allow this, a local dimming technology that guarantees the management of the brightness power in some parts of the TV, in order to achieve these results. What is then perceived during viewing is then a very defined image, capable of highlighting the various colors of the film, game or TV program without exaggerating the costs. Of course this "palliative" is not the same as the result that would guarantee a true OLED, but iThe quality / price ratio is definitely advantageous and the price to pay is less than what you will save.

Like any Sony TV, this XH90 also has an operating system Android TV: the OS in question may be alienating for those who have a device Android and has never seen a TV with this system, yet the convenience is truly remarkable. From the very beginning the settings, as well as everything related to the various modes, are very intuitive, and the compatibility with Android systems makes it easy to project videos of all kinds from the smartphone to the TV. We also tested other activities via iPhone and, without any problems, the whole Google ecosystem was easily exploited.

From the interface to the potential, passing through the sounds

The use of the software is fast and responsive, a really great thing to try on TV, while using the various "recommended" areas allows you to see all recent content, still to be viewed or simply designed for the viewer. The user experience, on the other hand, is a bit complex to enter the various apps, which, however, can be easily overcome by clicking on the icon next to these lines of recommended content. The TV mounts at the rear two 1oW speakers, nothing special but still suitable for a TV that tries to be as thin as possible. The TV also has a small subwoofer that manages to show some bass when you turn up the volume (although we don't recommend putting it too loud). Where the hardware stops, the software takes care of it: the Sony XH90 is in fact compatible with Dolby Atmos, and for this reason it intelligently simulates sounds, in order to move them in the space of the room.

We tested the Sony XH90 TV with various contents: among all, of course, the new one PlayStation 5, which was able to put its 120 Hz to work, which were decidedly pleasant in many respects, but above all usability. As for the image itself, both competitive games and single player are able to express the intrinsic image quality of the various scenes to the maximum, without problems of any kind. From the point of view of the films instead it was astounding to see any one episode su Netflix, Amazon Prime Video o Disney + and evaluate a really high quality, a much improved expression of colors and images from the product. We had in fact recently seen the same episode of a TV series on an old LED, and we can assure you the difference is palpable. To close the rehearsals we think instead the classic television: with Sky, in fact, we were able to test classic channels such as public ones, up to HD channels and even some 4K transmissions, so as to be able to view television programs of various kinds and analyzing some really useful video modes. Also in this case the product did not disappoint us, resulting in an excellent compromise that is positioned before the very high range dedicated to OLEDs.

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