Super Mario 3D World - Stamp Guide

Super Mario 3D World - Stamp Guide

In case our guide to the levels, bonuses and secrets of Super Mario 3D World was not enough, and even if the hunt for the Green Stars should not have satisfied you completely, we invite you now to hunt down all Stamps featured in the new game released for Nintendo Switch (here our review).

The following text may contain major and minor spoilers on the Super Mario 3D World plot, so we advise you to continue carefully in case you have not yet completed the sequences of which you are going to read several details. 

1 world

  • World 1-1
    Before grabbing the Mega Mushroom and destroying everything, enter the green pipe to the left of the tall tree. Inside, enter the clear tube and exit the top to grab the first Stamp
  • World 1-2
    As you walk through the area on one of the transparent tubes, you will notice a Stamp placed in a hidden area above your heads. Then go back through the pipe until you reach an area with a single long block. Jump on top of it to reveal another hidden block. Jump again until you reach the top of the ledge. Enter the transparent tube placed in the wall to be led into the room with the Stamp
  • World 1-3
    Immediately after grabbing the second Green Star, walk right and you will see the Stamp in a small space, suspended in the void. Jump on the wall to grab it or walk to the top edge and drop onto it
  • World 1-4
    In the section with the watercourse characterized by a series of tight curves and some fences placed in your path, you will see the Stamp right on the bend of the river. Make a sharp turn to grab it, being careful not to fall
  • World 1-5
    A few steps before the flag pole that marks the end of the level you will find a series of tiles. Turn them yellow to lower a platform where a Stamp awaits you
  • World 1: Bowser's Castle
    To the right of the arrow symbol are four giant brick blocks. Use the soccer balls to break through the blocks and make the Stamp yours

2 world

  • World 2-1
    The stamp, in this level of Super Mario 3D World, is right in front of the final path leading to the flag pole
  • World 2-2
    As soon as you start the level for the first time, use the gamepad to bring up the platform located under the second group of blocks. Drop into the hole below the platform and make the Stamp yours
  • World 2-3
    Super Bell, Fire Flower or Super Leaf are required to obtain this Stamp. When you are in front of the giant carnivorous plant in the area of ​​shadows, go down into the small hole and break through the wooden crates to find it.
  • World 2-4
    Enter the world with Mario (it is mandatory to use our mustachioed hero) and head to the small pond on the right. Press the switch marked with Mario's “M” and the Stamp will be yours
  • World 2-5
    Double Cherry is required here. To the right of the red ring is a set of three question mark blocks. Put one of your clones on the left block, then spawn one up on the same block, from the bottom. The block will rise to the stamp positioned above you
  • World 2: Bowser's Castle Bullet Bill Brigade
    You will see a section with a metal grate and the Stamp placed on top of it. Run forward and jump in the direction of the Stamp before the camera moves
  • Tent of the World 2
    A tent will appear on the game world map. Enter it and pick up the Stamp inside. Easy easy, huh ?!

3 world

  • World 3-1
    Towards the end of the level there is a large pit in the ice: walk around its edge and get the Stamp. Be careful not to fall!
  • World 3-2
    Enter the transparent tube and jump on the elevator. Drop down but jump at the right moment to grab the Stamp. Alternatively you can go up on the grill
  • World 3-3
    Jump on the loveseat near the start of the level to float it up to the Stamp at the top
  • World 3-4
    Here the use of Peach is required. To the left of the area with the rotating platforms is a Peach switch. Hit it and make your umpteenth stamp
  • World 3-5
    Before reaching the small sunken ship, swim to find a hidden room. Here you will find a stamp
  • World 3-6
    Use the jump panel to launch yourself at the bouncy surface mushrooms. Jumping on them will allow you to reach the Stamp suspended above
  • World 3-7
    After the third Green Star jump to the next elevator and wait until it is completely on the left side. Before it starts again in the opposite direction jump to the next elevator. This will take you directly to the Stamp
  • World 3: Train - The Bullet Bill Express
    Just before entering the green pipe that takes you to Pom Pom, drop down to the ledge below to find a Fire Bro guarding the Stamp you want.

4 world

  • World 4-1
    In the first cave you enter you can find the Stamp surrounded by many enemies. You will need a way to eliminate them all before you make the precious collectible yours
  • World 4-2
    Before jumping into the water, jump on it and use the carnivorous plant as a push to enter the area located to the right. Run to the far right to find the Stamp
  • World 4-3
    Double Cherry is required. Behind the checkpoint flag is an elevator that requires three characters to move. The elevator will take you to the Stamp above your head
  • World 4-4
    You will encounter a large group of Para-Biddybuds as you bounce on the large mushroom. The Stamp is at the center of all these colorful creatures
  • World 4-5
    Super Bell is required. To the left of the green warp tube, near the start of the level, you can climb to the top of the wall from the right side and walk all the way to the left to find the Stamp
  • World 4: Castle Lava Rock Lair
    Super Bell is required. Before going through the two walls, climb up the left wall in your cat form. The Stamp is at the top
  • Tent of the World 4
    Again, just enter the World 4 tent to find a simple collection stamp. Why give up yet another collectible in Super Mario 3D World, don't you think ?!

5 world

  • World 5-1
    While on Plessie's back stay to the right and jump to the three small platforms. The Stamp is placed on the third platform
  • World 5-2
    After you have bounced off the area with all the carnivorous plants, go left to find the item you crave so much.
  • World 5-3
    Toad is required here. Press the Toad switch on the right side of the room to reveal the precious collectible
  • World 5-4
    There is a trail of ants in the field: follow it by entering the den they are falling into to find a giant ant: on its back there is a stamp
  • World 5-5
    Pass the checkpoint flag and pass the circular platform with the rabbit. Grab a Bob-omb and blow up the crack in the wall to open a gap. Jump in and run right to collect yet another Stamp
  • World 5-6
    Double Cherry is required. You must be able to bring two characters to the end of the level. Jump on the elevator to take you to the Stamp and make it yours
  • World 5-7
    This Stamp is placed on top of a row of blocks. Pay attention to the movement of the spotlights and jump at the right moment to grab it
  • World 5: King Ka-thunk's Castle
    Super Bell is required. Above the area with the Chargin Chucks is a small area with the Stamp. Climb in cat form to make it yours
  • World tent 5
    Nothing could be easier: enter the tent, marked on the game world map of Super Mario 3D World, and make this additional Stamp yours

6 world

  • World 6-1
    Before entering the long transparent tube, just past the Second Green Star, jump up and run along the tube until you reach the Stamp hanging over it.
  • World 6-2
    Inside the ship there is a ring made up of Peepas guarding the Stamp. You choose whether to use the empty space of the rotating ring or the Super Star located on the right side of the room to eliminate all the enemies
  • World 6-3
    A propeller block is required here. After collecting all five key coins, enter the teleporter with a propeller block handy. When you've reached the spot with the spur-spinning reels, follow one of them (which goes through the wall) to uncover a passage to an outer area of ​​the level. Use the propeller block to launch yourself onto the roof, where the Stamp awaits you
  • World 6-4
    Jump to the top of the grates and continue moving forward. In the end you will find the precious object you so desire
  • World 6-5
    Goomba shoe is required here. In the first frozen area, take a Goombra shoe and ride towards the spurs on the right. The Stamp will be at the end of the area
  • World 6-6: Bullet Bill Base
    Before jumping in the direction of the flag pole, head left to find a row of blocks with a Stamp placed on top
  • World 6-7
    The Stamp is located about halfway level, in a small section of the wall. All you have to do is wait for the platforms to move to make the Stamp yours
  • World 6: Bowser's Bob-omb Brigade Castle
    At a precise point the level splits in two: use a bomb to destroy the giant block of bricks on the right. The Stamp is hidden behind it
  • Tent of the World 6
    Enter the tent, viewable from the Super Mario 3D World game map, and make this Stamp yours too!

Castle World

  • Castle World 1: Fort Fire Bros.
    Just before the Goomba Tower is a rotating fire bar in the middle of which is a chest with a question mark. Hit it from above to make it touch the ground and then raise it, where a Stamp awaits you
  • Castle World 2: Switchblack Ruins
    Before jumping off the moving platform, jump to the right to find a small area that hides the valuable collectible
  • Castle World 3: Red Hot Run
    Before the third Green Star of this level there is a series of lifters. Stay on the left side and jump to grab the Stamp
  • Castle World 4: Boiling Blue Bully Bell
    As you run across the platforms with the arrows, watch out for a small platform to your left. By jumping on it you will find the Stamp waiting for you
  • Castle World 5: Trick Trap Tower
    Super Bell is required. After grabbing the first Green Star, climb up the wall to find the stamp resting on cloud-shaped platforms
  • Castle World 6: Rammerhead Reef
    Near the end of the level there is a small indentation in the wall. Avoid the Rammerheads and enter the whole to find the Stamp
  • Castle World 7: Simmering Lava Lake
    You will see this Stamp placed under a grate from which lava comes out. As soon as the flow of the dangerous incandescent liquid stops run to the Stamp and then run away, faster than light, or you will run dry!
  • Castle World: Bowser's Lava Lake Keep
    Above the area where you hit the switch to drop the bridge down, jump on the wall, facing up, to make the Stamp yours.
  • Castle World Tent
    This is another easy-to-acquire stamp: enter the tent and make it yours!

Bowser world

  • World Bowser 1: Spiky Spike Bridge
    After the checkpoin flag, run left towards the spikes protruding from the ground. At the end of the passage, the Stamp awaits you
  • Bowser World 2: Plessie's Dune Downhill
    Ask Plessie to ride between the two Bowser sculptures to run on a hidden cloud line. The Stamp is at the end of this secret passage
  • Bowser World 3: Cookie Cogworks
    When you first see the first row of spiky ants drop into the hole they are climbing from to find the Stamp. This step is also useful for finding a Green Star
  • Mondo Bowser Train: The Bowser Express
    To reach the Stamp located on the roof of the train, hit the block with the question mark on the right to make it expand until it reaches the top
  • Bowser World 4: Footlight Lane
    Towards the end of the level there is a platform with a bright glow in the center. Jump right to find a hidden path that will take you to the Stamp
  • World Bowser 5: Deepwater Dungeon
    As soon as you first come into contact with floating bubbles of water, swim upwards and wait to touch the roof. The Stamp is on top of one of the spiky traps
  • World Bowser 6: A Beam in the Dark
    Luigi is required here. On the first mobile platform you will find a Luigi switch. Jump on it with the required character and make the Stamp yours
  • World Bowser 7: Grumblump Inferno
    After the checkpoint flag, go down the winding platform until you see a Hammer Bro. on a small platform. Jump on it to grab the Stamp
  • World Bowser Castle: The Great Tower of Bowser Land
    After defeating Meowser, climb the bell shaped tree to the left of the top of the flag to find the Stamp on its top.
  • Bowser World Tent
    Enter the tent and easily get this Stamp

Stella World

  • World Star 1: Rainbow Run
    In this colorful level of Super Mario 3D World, while riding Plessie, stay on the right side and grab the Stamp hidden between two golden rings
  • World Star 2: Super Galaxy
    Super Bell is required. After the checkpoint flag, reach the top of the area to find three platforms that make up a wall if flipped. Take the cat shape and climb up to reach the Stamp
  • World Star 3: Rolling Ride Run
    Rosalina is required here. As you roll on the turntable you will come across two separate paths. Go to the right one to find a switch that only Rosalina can activate. The stamp will be yours
  • World Star 4: The Great Goal Pole
    The Stamp is placed behind an animated wall. Easier than that, right ?!
  • World Star 5: Super Block Land
    At the end of the first area there is a gigantic block of bricks immersed in the ground. Throw a bomb or impact the ground with the likeness of your giant form to find the Stamp beneath the ground
  • Star World 6: Honeycomb Starway
    Here Boomerang Flower is required. While you are busy facing the bees at the end of the stage, look to your right for the Stamp. Throw a boomerang to make it yours
  • World Star 7: Gargantuan Grotto
    Mega Mushroom is required. Before crashing into the giant brick blocks, break the blocks above the symbol to find the Stamp
  • World Star 8: Peepa's Fog Bog
    Before reaching the end of the misty area, follow the path to the right to find the Stamp
  • World Star 9: Cosmic Cannon Cluster
    Cannon Block is required. This Stamp can be seen at the beginning of the level. Use the cannon block to hit the question mark blocks in front of the Stamp. A path will form that will allow you to make the collectible your own
  • Star World Tent
    Other Easy easy to get stamp. Enter the tent and make it yours!

Corona world

  • Corona World - Toad: Captain Toad's Fiery Finale
    The Stamp awaits you on the cloud
  • Corona World - Mystery House: Mystery House Marathon
    This Stamp can be found along the only path in the last level of the Mystery House
  • Corona World - Corona: Champion's Road
    This Stamp is placed right at the end of the level. Impossible to miss it (right ?!)
  • Crown World Tent
    Enter the tent and make this Stamp yours too

The 5 Special Stamps

To get these stamps you will need complete every single level with each of the five playable characters in Super Mario 3D World. For example, completing all levels as Mario will automatically get you the Mario Stamp. Same thing goes for all the other characters present. All it takes is a little patience.

At the bottom of the news the video that shows the position of all the stamps and all the green stars featured in Super Mario 3D World. We just have to wish you a good vision!

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