Super Mario Bros 35 - Complete guide to rules and tricks

Super Mario Bros 35 - Complete guide to rules and tricks

In the wave of lavish celebrations for the 35th anniversary of the world's most famous plumber, Nintendo gave us (other than the release of Super Mario All Star 3D) the battle royale free that has sent the most nostalgic gamers into raptures: we are obviously talking about Super Mario Bros 35, a reinterpretation of the historic title released on the NES in 1985 Super Mario Bros.. in a challenge to the last Koopa against 34 other challengers. The game, however, does not provide tutorials or regulations searchable, which has puzzled many players. How to attribute handicaps to opponents? What are Coins for? And how do you get on the coveted podium? In this complete guide to Super Mario Bros 35 you will find the answer to all your questions, along with a few suggestion to defeat the unfortunate competitors.

Super Mario Bros 35: objectives, controls and game set-up

The main objective of the game is, as in any self-respecting battle royale, to be therelast and only player alive. In addition, at the conclusion of each game, everyone wins a certain number of Reward Coins (which we find at the bottom left of the main screen and at the bottom left in-game with a chest next to it) depending on the result achieved. These will come in handy for making profits power-ups to be used at the start of individual games. In the level selection screen you will find on the right some options to upgrade your Mario even before starting the game, which can be selected by pressing X:

  • 0 Coins: no power-ups;
  • 20 Coins: Super Mushroom;
  • 30 Coins: Stella;
  • 50 Coins: Flower of Fire.

Selecting an upgrade will give you a notable advantage I respect whoever chooses to collect the power-ups exclusively in the levels. The Flower of Fire, of course, it's more than advisable, given its versatility against a wide range of enemies and the ability to also increase Mario's stamina. Unlike the original from 1985 (where one enemy hit was enough to return to form without power-ups), in Super Mario Bros 35 if our plumber is hit by an enemy while he is Fire Mario, he will transform first in Super Mario and then in Small Mario, thus decreasing the likelihood of accidental deaths.

Super Mario Bros 35 - Complete guide to rules and tricksBefore entering the game the i are not explained game controls, here are listed below:

  • Directional keys: move Mario;
  • Left analog: choose the opponent to hit;
  • Right analog: choose the method of attribution of the handicap;
  • B: to blow up Mario;
  • Y: make Mario run, shoot fireballs (if you collect the Fire Flower);
  • X: get a random item.

A decidedly positive aspect, and which will not fail to please the most competitive players, is the possibility of customize the controls to your liking using the options on the main screen. Especially if you are new to Super Mario Bros., before entering the online game you might consider practicing and testing the commands with the Training mode, which will allow you to play the levels you have unlocked as if they were the original for the NES.

Super Mario Bros 35 - Complete guide to rules and tricksAttacking opponents

So we arrive at the beating heart Super Mario Bros 35: the multiplayer challenge. Once in the game, the first step is to select the modality of attribution of handicaps with the right analogue. Quite similar to Tetris 99, you will have four possible choices:

  • Counterattack: you will target those who are attacking you, defending you give them blows. So, by defeating an equal or greater number of enemies than your opponents, you will not receive any extra enemies in your levels;
  • Less time: your target will be the player who has less time left available. In this way, you will make it even more difficult for those who find themselves with only a few seconds to finish the level;
  • More Coins: in this case, you will attack the player who has collected the most Coins during the game. This option is recommended for more experienced players, as your opponent could use and Coins to collect power-ups and target you in turn;
  • Chance: this is the default option set by the game, attack one of the 34 opponents randomly. Especially in late game, it's not the best choice for knocking out other players.

Furthermore, it is possible manually choose the opponent to attack with the left analog stick: especially if there are few left, it is a good strategy to adopt. Depending on your style of play, consider whether to hit those who have a lot of Coins (indicated roughly on their mini-screens), who have little time available (which you can recognize by the red mini-screen) or who have a large number. of enemies in pursuit.

Use Coins and defeat enemies

Le coins that you will find within the levels are of crucial importance to outperform the competition: using them 20, you will get a special object random among the following:

  • Super Mushroom: transformation from Mario Piccolo to Super Mario;
  • Flower of Fire: transformation to Mario Fuoco;
  • Stella: invulnerability for 10 seconds;
  • POW block: defeats all enemies on the game screen.

Start the game with Mario Fire (by selecting the Fire Flower with X in the levels screen) is a good way to avoid using Coins right away save them for the most excited moments and difficult of the challenge, especially when there are few left or there is little time available. The POW block, in particular, could reverse the outcome of your game if caught at the right time: if you are in a screen with many opponents, you will earn a time bonus for each of those defeated and you will inflict a considerable malus to the player you are targeting.Super Mario Bros 35 - Complete guide to rules and tricks

The enemies, in fact, play one dual function in Super Mario Bros 35: on the one hand, each of those defeated allows the player to earn a time bonus, thus avoiding the Game Over for time out; on the other, these are sent to the selected opponent's level in addition to those normally present in the current stage. The additional ones are recognized by their bluish color, but also by their appearance in levels they would not otherwise find. For this reason, defeat the most annoying opponents (As Bowser, the Martelkoopa, Piranha plant or Fishes Smack) gives a distinct disadvantage to other players, who will find them again Surprise at whatever level they are.

A challenge against time?

Il time is a parameter misleading, especially for the more experienced and accustomed players to rush to the end of the level in the shortest possible time. In Super Mario Bros 35, unlike the classic title, finishing the levels in the shortest time possible is definitely counterproductive. If it is true that when the timer is reset the game ends, it is necessary to take into account what is explained in the previous paragraphs: the Coins collected and the number of opponents defeated are the keystone of this battle royale. The game starts with 30 seconds in the timer and it will be up to each player to try to increase their time by defeating enemies. There are some tricks to accumulate precious seconds quickly:

  • POW block: drawing this item using Coins while there are many monsters on the screen means receiving a time bonus for each of them;
  • Flower of Fire: if we collect this power-up while we are already Fire Mario, it will pay off well 15 seconds;
  • End of the level: the flag at the end of the level will earn you up to a maximum of 15 seconds, depending on whether you hit the lower extremity or some other point;
  • Chain of defeated enemies: jumping on multiple monsters without ever touching the ground results in a increasing bonus of seconds starting at 2. For example, if you jump to 2 you will receive an overall bonus of 5 seconds (2 + 3).

Please note:: Although it is the strongest power-up in the game, use the Flower of Fire it's a double-edged sword. While it allows you to defeat opponents very quickly and easily, any monster that perishes under Mario's fireballs will give just 1 extra second compared to the usual 2. Evaluate your strategy well!

La level selectioninstead, it remains a question mark. Despite the presence of a selection screen (where all the unlocked stages are present) and the possibility to choose a starting level, this does not always turn out to be the one in which the game of Super Mario Bros 35 will start.hypothesis that we can advance is that it is one put to vote and that the most selected level by the 35 players is actually the one in which you start. Furthermore, the progression does not always respect the usual order, but it is not yet clear how the game stages are actually chosen.


  • Participate in daily missions it will make you easily accumulate Prize Coins to use to unlock power-ups;
  • Le Special Challenges timed are a good way to quickly unlock world levels that normally appear later in the game;
  • The game version is that classical and not the deluxe, so it is not possible to go back in the levels. However, some enemies may return from the portion of the screen you just left behind: watch out for the Koopa shells!
  • All the secrets of Super Mario Bros. for NES have remained unchanged, so remembering the access points to secret areas and the locations of 1-Up Mushrooms (which in this case will not give an extra life, but 20 Coins) could be a good way to collect Coins. Even the Warp Zone are present in Super Mario Bros 35, but unlike the NES title they will take you to a very specific level.
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