The best and fastest ways to make money in GTA 5

GTA 5: all the TRICKS to earn MONEY quickly [360-PS3]


Among the many tricks inserted by the developers in Grand Theft Auto V (here she is complete list) there is none that allows you to increase the dollars packed in our wallet or even have infinite money.

Consequently, the only way we have to put some money aside and buy everything we want in Los Santos is to take advantage of the various opportunities offered by the game to earn money.

The best and fastest ways to make money in GTA 5

In this guide we have inserted and will continue to insert all the ways in which it is possible to earn money in GTA 5. Some are conventional and legitimate, others are instead of "exploits" that allow instead of exploiting flaws in programming to quickly accumulate money in ways not exactly intended by the developers. Let's get started right away!

Unlimited Money Exploits (up to $ 1.000.000 every 3 minutes)
This is a simple and effective trick to earn infinite money in GTA 5. Grab Trevor (he is the best choice for his ability to stay underwater) and head into the sea at the point west of Los Santos (the exact location you can see in the video). On diving you should find a cassette containing $ 25.000. Grab it and stay near the location of the box, then switch characters. Now go back to Trevor again, you will find him in the position you left him in, but he will have the oxygen refilled and another $ 25.000 cassette in front of him. Take it and repeat as many times as you like to earn infinite money. With this method you will be able to make 1 Million dollars in just over 10 minutes. 

To speed up the process you can do as shown in the second video that we show below. It is the same mechanism, but our sly man has put both characters in front of a box at the bottom of the sea, and at every change from one character to another he always has money to take. Watch the two videos.

As mentioned at the beginning this is an exploit that the developers did not foresee. It will most likely be fixed with a patch, so use it as long as you can. Read on to find out the "legitimate" methods.
Attention! Update of 07/10/13: As expected, this exploit appears to have been fixed with one of the new patches. It may not work anymore. Read on below for other ways to earn money.

Method 1 (1 Million in 12 minutes)

"Enhanced" method (1 million in 3 minutes)

Earning money from nuclear waste (up to $ 1.200.000)
After taking the submarine you can start the waste collection activity. If you don't know how to take the submarine or you want a hand to find the barrels quickly, follow the guide to nuclear waste. It can be done with all characters.

Earning money from hunting (variable income)
This is another business that can prove to be quite profitable. It doesn't make a huge amount of money, but it's a good way to round up quickly. To start hunting you will first need to meet Cletus (all the details in the hunting guide). It can only be done with Trevor.

Complete the Epsilon - Kifflom site mission (up to $ 2.100.000)
It is one of the longest missions in the game, but also one of the most profitable. Follow the procedure indicated in the Kifflom guide to complete it and earn more than 2 million dollars. It can only be done with Michael.

Earning money with properties (variable gain)
Take advantage of the methods we have just listed to raise the money needed to purchase the various properties in Los Santos. The properties will make you earn sums of money in a constant and permanent way, without lifting a finger, a real income. Purchasing the properties will make available missions related to the property: the more missions you complete the greater the income of the property. So buy as many properties as possible and complete related missions to increase your income. For more details and to find out which are the most profitable properties, follow the guide to the best properties of GTA 5.

Rob security vans (variable gain)
Compared to the other methods we can say that the money you will earn with these is small change, but everything is broth. Turning around Los Santos you will notice with some frequency the vans (usually white), they are the only vehicles marked with a BLUE dot on the map. To rob the vans you simply have to follow them until they stop at a traffic light. At that point, get out and shoot at the rear doors of the van, a few gunshots will be enough to make them open and drop a box with some money to the ground. Take it and run away

Earn money with shares on the stock exchange
To earn money with the stock market in GTA 5, you don't need to be a financial wizard. The earnings can be substantial and you can even triple the money invested. Follow the guide to making money on the stock market for all the details.

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