The Binding of Isaac: Repentance - Guide to finish the new DLC

Ten years have now passed since the release of one of the most famous and most played roguelikes on our platforms. It was exactly September 28, 2011 when the two developers Edmund McMillen - already known to the public for the title Super Meat Boy - And Florian Himsl they decided to publish this particular game inspired by the biblical story of the "Sacrifice of Isaac". The Binding of Isaac it immediately met with considerable success, despite the issues considered blasphemous in some countries. Given the positive feedback, in 2013 the two developers announced The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, a remake of the game with its expansion (released definitively in 2014). Until a few days ago the game could count two other expansions (Afterbirth e Afterbirth †) and could already be considered extremely complex, but with the release of the third we can say that the game has reached levels of difficulty and complexity never reached before. This is our guide to The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, where we will explain how to complete the game in its entirety.

Guide how to finish The Binding of Isaac: Repentance step by step

To start The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, just defeat the Boss on the first floor. Once the fight is over you will see not only the classic trap door open that will allow you to reach the second floor - and occasionally the pact of Satan - but also a new door can only be opened with a key. This opening will allow you to reach new levels never seen before, much more difficult and complex than normal ones. The new expansion will include six parallel levels to the original game (more two bonuses which we will discover later).

The six new levels will be divided into three types: in levels one and two you can land in the zones Downpour 2 o Dross 2. In levels 3 and 4 you can land in the zones Mines 2 o Ashpit 2. Finally, on the last two floors you can land in the areas Mausoleum 2 o Gehenna 2. Each of these new biome pairs will have a new pool of enemies within it, much more difficult to deal with (according to McMillen himself) than those present in the original game. Also, to make it even more difficult, a change to the shop, inside which you will find far fewer objects (even if the slots were all unlocked), some of these even reworked e nerfati.

The importance of The Lost

This character in particular will have a significant importance within the DLC. For this reason it has been slightly reworked, that is, it has been given the opportunity to take just an object inside the room of Satan and the modification of his starting item. In fact, you will remember that in the original game The Lost has as its starting object the D4, which if used causes him to lose the "Holy Mantle". Within Repentance instead, this character will start with L 'Eternal D6 that is a D6 with only two activation costs but with the probability of eliminating the object that will be rerollato on the pedestal. But let's get to us, why The lost is that important?

After defeating the boss on the sixth floor of the DLC, a door will appear can only be opened with a specific item. To be able to get this item you will need to have gone previously in levels 2 and 4 of the expansion.

2 Plan

The first part of the item will be recoverable only through one mirror located in a random room on the second floor. There are only two ways to go through the mirror. The first is using The Lost at the start, while the second will be to find a white fire within the plane and, regardless of the character you are using, by burning yourself with fire you will transform into The Lost. Be careful though, the transformation will be momentary and it will only serve to allow you to cross the mirror and retrieve the item, once you go back you will return to your original character.

After entering the mirror, you will find yourself in a mirror level than the original. You will notice that the map will make already unlocked rooms visible, so we recommend that you fully explore the second floor before going to the mirror. Your objective within this mirrored level will be to defeat the enemies - also mirrored - to reach the treasure room, commonly called the “treasure”. Inside you will find the first piece of the definitive item (Knife piece 1). Once you have collected the object you can decide to go back and continue your run normally, or to face the mirror boss and then collect an additional object (but at the risk of being killed).

We also remind you that inside the mirror the rooms that usually contain objects (shop, cursed etc.) they are empty, it will therefore be an unnecessary risk to explore the entire level in search of particular objects. You can now continue your run on the original second floor of Repentance until the boss is defeated. Once you kill this, you will see a new door open (this time accessible only with the use of two bombs). In addition to this door, the classic hatch will also open, which will automatically take you to the third floor of the original game. This will not make your path done so far in vain, not being the third level of the DLC indispensable, but if you want to finish the new expansion you will in any case have to return to the world of Repentance at the fourth level (always using two bombs to open the door) .

4 Plan

On the fourth floor it will apparently be easier to find the missing part of the knife, even if the mechanism is not immediate. Inside three random rooms you will find gods yellow buttons located on the ground. Your goal will be to press all three buttons and then go to a room - also random - in which there will be a mine cart. The yellow buttons will be used to open a door that is located exactly in front of the small trolley. In case you were using a flying character, the passage of the buttons is easily bypassed by opening the door using also in this case two bombs. Once opened (by entering the cart or by blowing up the door) you will find yourself in a floor completely deserted. In the last room, on a pedestal, there will be the second and last piece of the knife (Knife piece 2). Attention, just picked up the object a boss will appear in front of you from which you will have to escape. Going back to the various rooms you will have to pay close attention to some obstacles (such as fires, rocks or thorns) that will now be present and that could hinder your escape. Back in the cart room you will be safe from the Boss, and you can continue your run as normal, using, among other things, your new item: Knife.

The two endings of Repentance

Once you have defeated the boss on the fourth floor, in addition to the classic hatch that will allow you to return to the original game as usual, a new door will open. If on the first level it was necessary to use a key, and on the third one to use two bombs, to go to the fifth floor of Repentance you will have to consume two whole hearts. To get to the final area of ​​the DLC you will have to reach the sixth floor and defeat "Mamma". Only then will a door made of flesh appear, which you can destroy using the knife that you have collected with so much effort. Inside this mysterious door you will find yet another particular Boss who, once defeated, will allow you to reach the two additional levels of the DLC we mentioned at the beginning of this article. But that's certainly not the end of it. To finish The Binding of Isaac: Repentance you will have to pass these two levels in order to reach the real final Boss (which will be found at the end of the second bonus plan). Once you've defeated - not very easily - this last enemy, you can finally enjoy the moving final cutscene and your new hero "Jacob & Esau". You will also notice that, once killed, a message will appear saying "Strange Door appeared in The Depths"(But we will need this information later).

Although at this point it will seem that you have finished the game, you will notice that in the section of the final movies the one called "FINAL". To unlock this final ending, you'll have to keep playing for quite a while. Your main objective will be to go through the "strange door" that will have opened on the sixth floor of the original game. To do this, you will need the items "The Polaroid"Or"The Negative"- items that Mom will give you once she is defeated - and some card"The Fool”(Which you could find by destroying the branded skull found in the sixth level), which will allow you to return to the rooms on the sixth floor. The "Strange Door" will transport your character back to "Mausoleum 2". At this point, in a random room you will find a light beam that will take you to the lower level of the DLC. This will happen for each floor, until returning to the very first floor of Repentance. Once you reach the last ray, you will be teleported again to a whole new area called "Home". This will be the real final zone of the DLC, where you will find various rooms. Approaching Mom's bed will grant you access to an alternate version of the plan. At this point you will find a television in a random room and, looking at it for a few seconds, you will find yourself - strangely - in front of "The Dodge“, Yet another powerful enemy to kill. Once defeated you will be immediately catapulted into another room where he will be present the real final Boss of the story. Only once you have defeated this last opponent, you can enjoy the final final by The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.

This was the guide on how to finish The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, but we remind you that in our guides section you can find help for many other titles.

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