The Darkness 2 - Trophies and Achievements Guide [360-PS3]

The Darkness 2 - Trophies and Achievements Guide [360-PS3]

Here is the complete solution to unlock all achievements and trophies of The Darkness 2. In this guide, the tips from to unlock all achievements and reach Platinum on Playstation 3 or 1000 G on Xbox 360.


Free your mind
Finish the game on any difficulty
Beat the game at any of the 4 levels available to unlock the achievement.
Don of Darkness
Finish the game on Don difficulty
This is the hardest mode in the game, so take your time and work out a strategy as there are various ways to kill enemies.
I advise you to play this mode in the new game +, as you will not lose the powers that will be very useful to complete the game.
Here is a list of valuable aids you will need to survive situations:

- Eat the hearts of enemies to restore health and keep you alive
- Look for bright objects like javelins and explosives, throwing them at enemies will save ammo
- If you see a car door, take it, many times it will save your life, also throwing it will kill the enemy instantly
- Dual weapons are not very accurate, so avoid using them on distant enemies
- Be strategic, use your talent and skills
- Destroy all light sources before engaging in combat
- Purchase each upgrade as soon as you can
- Demonic execution gives you a powerful shield when you kill an enemy; I recommend buying it
At home in the dark
Finish all chapters of a New Game + on any difficulty
Finish the game with one of the first 3 difficulties present, in this way you can replay each chapter present then select new game + (not new game, at least you will not lose your powers) and play each chapter.
I recommend choosing the Don difficulty if you haven't tried it already.
Important Note: Eventually you will have to choose to leave the kindergarten, if you don't you will not be able to complete the last chapter
One man's army
Kill 25 enemies as they drag you out of the restaurant, without dying or starting from a checkpoint
Video Available
This is one of the results that you can take immediately, as it happens at the beginning of the game.
You will have to follow your friend Vinnie, where he will start talking to 2 ladies; at this point an explosion will occur and Vinnie will try to drag you to a safe place, but you will have to cover him and try to kill the enemies.
To achieve this you will need to take out 25 of them, without dying or reloading from a checkpoint.
I recommend doing this when you only have one gun in your hand, because when you have 2 they will be inaccurate and you will miss a lot of enemies.
Playing at the easy level it only takes one hit to kill an enemy, but if that fails, restart the entire level from the menu.
Forest bird
Avoid getting invested in the garage
Video Available
While you are in the garage, after surviving the interrogation, a car will attempt to run over you.
You will not be able to avoid / dodge the car, but you will have to shoot it; use your skills to make things easier.
Happy child
Achieve a score of over 1000 at each carnival attraction
Video Available
As you start the level you will find yourself in an abandoned amusement park. At this point you will have 2 flashbacks and play games with Jenny.
For the result you will have to get a score higher than 1000 in both games with the shotgun.
It's not difficult, but in case you can't, restart at the last checkpoint.
Devilish delight
Kill 15 enemies while playing the Darkling
During the campaign you will have the opportunity to play as the Darkling 2 times.
The first time it won't be able to take out more than 3 enemies, but the second time it will and so I advise you to try it there.
To kill someone, crawl behind them and kill them.
Remember that the Darkling is very weak, pay attention to the light and the hits of the enemies.
Kill 50 enemies with Executions as Jackie
In order to kill an enemy you must first stun it with an object or by hitting it.
Grab it and perform several executions.
Get to 50 to get the result.
King of the Swarm
Kill 50 enemies attacked by the Swarm as Jackie
To get the achievement of the objective / trophy you must first buy the swarm skill at the cost of 1000 essences.
During the fight, call the swarm and kill the enemy.
Do it 50 times and that's it.
The old fire-breathing
Kill 100 enemies with Bullets of Darkness as Jackie
Here too, before proceeding with the unlocking of the trophy, you must first purchase the Channeling gun skill for 1000 essences.
During the fight activate the ability and you will have infinite ammo for a few seconds.
Kill 100 of them while the power is active to unlock the achievement.
Cosmic suck
Kill 50 enemies with the Black Hole as Jackie
Buy the black hole ability that is obtained by purchasing these upgrades:

- Demonic elevator
- Heart health
- Lame demoniache
- Black hole (I recommend purchasing the upgrade for this skill, but it is not necessary)

In this way you will have a better chance that a killed enemy will leave you a black hole instead of the heart, grab it and throw it at the opponent to kill him.
Repeat this for 50 times. Image for you

Cut and run
Kill 50 enemies with a Demonic Arm Lash
Kill 50 enemies with the demonic arm strike, you will have to hit and cut in any direction.
Baseball Championship
Kill 50 enemies with thrown items
During the game you will find many objects that can be thrown at enemies.
However, you will have to find deadly objects, such as: goalkeeper, explosives, pieces of metal, sticks, etc.
Grab the object and, always with the same button, throw it back to kill the enemy.
Repeat 50 times.
Hands busy
Kill 100 enemies as Jackie and with two different weapons
You will have to wield 2 different weapons and kill 100 enemies.
Dual weapons aren't very accurate, but there will be plenty of areas where you'll find enemies to hit at close range.
This is why I am the Chief
He impresses Dolfo in two different ways
Video Available
In the chapter where Dolfo is on the outside balcony, head over to him and talk to him.
At this point you will have 2 options: shoot the bottle or hunt pigeons.
To get the objective you will have to hit all the bottles within 10 seconds or shoot at least 20 doves out of 24 in the time given to you.
Who of the shield wounds
Kill a shielded cultist using his own shield
Video Available
When you have to save Aunt Sarah you will meet the first cultist.
Kill those around him, then break his armor, then take his shield, throw it back and kill him.
2 picciotti with one stone
Kill 2 enemies with a single javelin
Video Available
After hearing about Swifty (when you took the elevator with Vinnie after the first mission) you will enter an alley. Open the door with the demonic arm and as soon as it opens grab the javelin, wait for the enemies to line up and pray to kill them both.
Versatile assassin
Kill 5 enemies in 5 different ways within 30 seconds
Video Available
This result may seem difficult to achieve, but it is not.
First set the difficulty level easy, go to an area where there are a few enemies and shoot all the lights.
Now follow these steps:

- Throw in a deadly object
- Drop a swarm at an enemy and then shoot them
- Activate the power of infinite ammo and then kill him
- Grab an enemy and then perform an execution
- Use the slash attack
Clay pigeon shooting
Launch an enemy into the air and kill them by shooting them before they hit the ground
Video Available
Grab an enemy, throw them into the air and try to kill them before they hit the ground.
I recommend using the assault rifle.
Jackie has Talent
Purchase a Talent in the single player campaign
Consult the "Talent Show" result for more help.
The boy has potential
Complete one of Jackie's Talent trees
Consult the "Talent Show" result for more help.
Really full of talent
Complete 3 Jackie's Talent trees
Consult the "Talent Show" result for more help.
talent show
Complete all of Jackie's Talent trees
In total there are 28 talents (4 trees), which you will have to buy if you want to unlock the result.
To get a talent you have to buy it with the essences that you will get by making kills, eaten hearts, found relics and broken lights, etc.
These abilities can only be had in the shrines that you will find during the game.
You will hardly succeed in the first game, so start a new game + and you will succeed.
Also know that it takes 36.800 essences to get everything.

Mmmh, Essenza!
Collect 5 relics in the single player campaign
See the "Relic Hunter" result for more help.
Relic Hunter
Find all 29 relics in the single player campaign
Follow ours dedicated guide to find all the relics of The Darkness 2.
Real men know how to dance
Video Available
During the continuation of the adventure you will meet Jenny in a restaurant, at this point she will ask you to dance with her; while she dances there will be a chance to kiss her ... DO NOT do it and do not press any button to unlock the result.
A house on fire
Kill Luigi Palladino
You will unlock the achievement at the end of the third chapter of the revenge campaign.
Impossible to miss.
Kill Cedar Valdez
You will unlock the achievement at the end of the fourth chapter of the revenge campaign.
Impossible to miss.
Kill Frank Marshall
Complete the first mission "List of Targets".
You can do it alone or with a friend at any level of difficulty.
Bonnie & Clyde aspirants
Kill Jean-Luc Lambert and Amelie Dubois
You will unlock the achievement at the end of the sixth chapter of the revenge campaign.
Impossible to miss.
Technical Problems
Kill the NewsWatch 6 team of Tom Dawson, Bud Langley and Sara Stephens
Complete the fourth mission "List of objectives".
You can do it alone or with a friend at any level of difficulty.
Brotherhood in pieces
Complete the Vendetta Campaign
There are 8 chapters that make up the revenge campaign.
Complete them all to get the result.
Dark ninjutsu
Complete a mission with Inugami
Choose Inugami and complete a mission from the revenge campaign or the objectives list.
Hell knows no fury
Complete a mission with Shoshanna
Choose Shoshanna and complete a mission from the revenge campaign or the objectives list.
It's noon somewhere!
Complete a mission with Jimmy
Choose Jimmy and complete a mission from the revenge campaign or the objectives list.
Voodoo is not just dolls
Complete a mission with JP
Choose Jp and complete a mission of the revenge campaign or the list of objectives.
Darkness welcomed
Acquire all of a character's talents in the Vendetta campaign
Each character has their own talent.
To get the result you will have to update each tree of one of the characters.
First I would suggest you play a single mission with each character, to figure out which one you like best; at this point, start playing with what you have chosen.
If you can complete the entire vengeance campaign and run out of target lists as well, you should be able to buy all the talents.
If you want to speed up the process further, you can look for all the relics that will provide you with 300 essence each or when you play with Shoshanna load the shot of the rifle, if you kill an enemy it will give you 20 essences and if you destroy the hearts it will give you 30+. for each kill.
Are you on the list
Complete 6 exclusive missions from the Target List
In total there are 18 missions on the list of objectives and only 8 are from the revenge campaign (only they are not counted towards the result); the remaining ones are exclusive missions and therefore you will have to complete them if you want to bring home the result.
4 missions can ONLY be done with an online companion, while the remaining 6 can be played alone:
Here's the list:

- Corpses don't talk
- Delayed destruction
- Everything burns
- The elevator

- Inside the challenge
- Everything clean
- Time to take out the trash
- Let's stop this program
- Storming
- Tear and grab

The Darkness 2 Secret Achievements and Trophies

The Bill please!
Survive the attack
Result linked to history.
Impossible to miss.
I'm just getting started
Find and interrogate Swifty
Result linked to history.
Impossible to miss.
Escape the Frattelanza
Survive the interrogation
Result linked to history.
Impossible to miss.
Assault the house
Reclaim your home
Result linked to history.
Impossible to miss.
One flew to the nest
Return to reality
Result linked to history.
Impossible to miss.
Sweet revenge
Avenge your Aunt Sarah
Result linked to history.
Impossible to miss.
The appointment
Protect Jenny
Result linked to history.
Impossible to miss.
Unexpected allies
Escape the asylum by taking advantage of the help from within
Result linked to history.
Impossible to miss.
Back in the saddle
Free Jackie from the Virgin of Nuremberg
Result linked to history.
Impossible to miss.
Two steps to hell
Defeat Victor
Result linked to history.
Impossible to miss.
Decisions, decisions
Refuses to cooperate with Victor during the interrogation
Video Available
At some point you will be asked to make a choice.
Deciding who to sacrifice.
You do NOT need to press any keys to get the result.
I had to call 555-2368
Survive the battle against the Hell Beast
Result linked to history.
Impossible to miss.
As soon as you have killed the boss in the final chapter of the revenge campaign, the achievement unlocks itself.

What can I say, I hope I have been useful to you, explaining well every single trophy, if there should be any imperfection, I apologize, as this is the first guide I officially post.

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